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Posted on July 17 2012


Related article: Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 13:29:37 -0600From: Katherine T. Subject: Drifting (lesbian)The following entertainment is for adults only, and anyone notan adult is hereby warned to go away.All comments to the author will be greatly appreciated.Contact me at katherinet_hotmail.comDrifting by Katherine T.PART ONE The Jaguar broke down half way between Albany and New York,a gray day, gray sky, smell of rain in the trees. And Beththinking: Not here, not here in the middle of nowhere.She sat behind the wheel in the parking lot of a windblownrest stop, people with tired faces wandering in and out of thesquat restaurant like zombies. Were they alive? Oh damn, whyhere? Why here in the middle of nowhere? Where was it anyway?Served her right for not driving back on the Thruway. Was it somekind of trite retribution for the argument with Claire in Albany?Silly dyke spat, more Preteen Nymphet Models looks than words. Traveling all the way toAlbany to see Claire only to find Claire with someone else,Claire and another woman, Claire's bed occupied. Predictable,wasn't it? Claire in no time with another woman. All those hotfantasies during the long drive up to Albany and then findingClaire with another woman, Claire already with someone else, newsecrets between them, the way they glanced at each other. Twodays in Albany imagining Claire and the woman together, anger atClaire, anger at herself, anger at the world. The woman rollingher eyes as if to say, Listen, who invited you here, why don'tyou go home?And now this.It took an hour to get a tow-truck, but after that a mereten minutes to have the Jaguar pulled into the nearest town.Milson Corners. What kind of name was that? Where were thecorners? Definitely in the middle of nowhere; definitely not aplace where a New York woman ought to be stranded on a Sundayafternoon. Make the best of it, she thought, remain calm, remainin control. She would call Rita and Rita would chuckle and saysomething nutty about how bad things always happen to people wholeave New York, but don't worry, I can handle things alone untilyou get the car fixed.The mechanic looked at Beth as the tow-truck winch eased thecar down outside his tiny shop."What's the trouble, miss?"A man about sixty with greasy clothes, like he'd been livingin grease for sixty years, eating it, licking it off his fingers.Did he smoke Prince Albert in a corncob? Beth remembered an olduncle always in a cloud of tobacco."I don't know. It makes a horrible noise.""Okay, we'll find out.""How long will it take? I mean how long will it take to getit fixed and get me out of here?"The old mechanic shrugged. Family in Hudson Valley since1800. All those generations chewing on corncobs."Can't say yet. Depends on what's wrong. If it's a partthat's hard to get, could be a day, two days."Beth groaned. "Two days?""Could be. You got the keys?""They're in the car."The mechanic walked over to the Jaguar, opened the door andclimbed inside. In a moment Beth heard the horrible noise again,metal grinding against metal, the Jaguar croaking.The mechanic called out: "Sounds like the starter motor isgone."Beth called back: "How long will it take?""Could be more than two days."Oh damn, Beth thought.Suddenly, she noticed the painting, a glimpse of it throughthe grimy office window, reds, blues, burnt sienna. She steppedcloser, peering inside. On the wall behind a counter clutteredwith auto parts--a large square painting looking like a Braque.Braque in Milson Corners? But it was not a Braque, it wassomething else, not Cubist, better than Cubist. Jumping.Startling.The mechanic left the Jaguar and walked over to Beth andBeth said:"Where did you get that?""Get what, miss?""That painting, the painting hanging in the office."The old man chuckled. "Someone I know did that. Can't makeit out myself. You got any idea what it is? What about the carnow? What would you like to do with it? Preteen Nymphet Models Could be we can't find aJag starter motor except in Poughkeepsie. Pretty little car, butit ain't worth a damn when it falls apart.""Can I go inside and look at the painting?"The old man glanced down at her high-heeled sandals."Sure, do what you like. Look at all the pictures you want.But Preteen Nymphet Models don't trip in there. I ain't had a chance to clean it out insome time."He muttered to himself as he walked back to the Jaguar andraised the hood.Beth opened the office door and stepped inside. Clean it outindeed. It would take a month to clean this pig-pen. The airsmelling of stale beer and unwashed clothes. Piles of cartons,old newspapers, greasy Preteen Nymphet Models rags. She walked over to the counterdirectly opposite the painting. Looking at it. Definitelysomething. Sharp figures of nude women painted over a Cubist-likebackground. An extremely competent painter; no, it was more thanthat: someone quite brilliant. A definite talent. The techniquesuperb.The office door opened and the old Preteen Nymphet Models man came in."It's the starter motor, all right. Don't expect I'll findone anywhere near here, so I'll have to call Poughkeepsie. By theway, my name's Earl."At that moment a shadow crossed the door, and the dooropened again, and a woman entered. A tall lean woman, a strongappearance, with short dark hair and dark eyes that seemed toburn out of a sun-brown fine chiseled face.The old man turned."Morning, Marlo. This young lady's been looking at yourpicture." * * * Later Beth would tell herself it was destiny, fate makingher travel to Albany, fate making her drive the Taconic backinstead of the Thruway, fate making the car break down, fatebringing her to this old mechanic to be here at the moment Marlowalked in. A Preteen Nymphet Models woman called Marlo. What a name. What a woman. Bethwas deeply aware of her own confusion. Totally swept away, herknees trembling as those burning dark eyes gazed at her. Like astupid soap opera. Who the hell was she? That marvelous chiseledface.Marlo looked away and said:"Is that so?Beth fumbled."Yes, I like it. I'm Preteen Nymphet Models part manager of a gallery in New Yorkand I'd like to see more of your work. I think--""I'm really not interested."And, incredibly, Marlo turned and walked out, the doorvibrating after she slammed it.Beth stared at the door, then looked at the old mechanic."Now what was that all about?"Earl shrugged. "That's Marlo, all right. Ornery like herdead mother. Marlo's my niece, but I ain't so ornery, am I?" Thenhe snickered: "No one ever knows a damn about Marlo.""I'd like to see her paintings.""You can't see nothing if she don't show it to you, and itlooks like today she ain't in a mood to show nothing to nobody.""Maybe tomorrow."Earl peered at her. "You figuring on staying awhile?""You said it would take a few days to Preteen Nymphet Models fix the car.""Yep, I did at that. I got to call Poughkeepsie.""Is there a hotel in town?"Earl snorted. "Hotel, hell. There ain't no hotel withinthirty miles of here. But I could get you a room down the road atMa Willow's, if you don't mind her neighbor.""Her neighbor?""Ma's got one neighbor behind her near the creek. Andthat's Marlo, my niece."Definitely Prince Albert. * * * Marlo sat in an old stuffed chair with her eyes on a girlnamed Lucy. The girl was blonde, not yet twenty, crazy in lovewith Marlo, wearing a navy skirt and a pale blue sweater tightenough to show her pointed little breasts.Now Lucy tossed her long blonde hair and looked at Marlo."How should I pose today?"And Marlo said: "I don't know yet. Just get your clothesoff."Lucy gave her a coy look. Striptease. Marlo was fond of thegirl but it would not go anywhere. She would not let Lucy livewith her no matter how much Lucy wanted it. Lucy would beg andMarlo would always resist. She would not let anyone live withher, had not let it happen in years and years. Not if livingmeant sleeping in the same bed every night, looking at andtalking to the same woman day and night, day and night. NotMarlo. She knew the hells of monogamy. They wanted her; the womenall wanted her; driven to her by the special charisma she had;but she would not take any of them permanently. And besides, Lucywas too young. The girl's parents were dead, but she lived withan aunt and uncle and Marlo wanted no more gossip in the valley,no whispering about how Lucy the drugstore cashier was livingwith that crazy painter woman near the creek. It was bad enoughwhen people talked whenever Marlo drove Lucy around on hermotorcycle.Lucy said: "Something is wrong."She was no fool; she knew Marlo's moods."Nothing is wrong."Nothing wrong, nothing said. Marlo thought of the New Yorkwoman at Earl's, the woman with the expensive clothes and thesweet little body and high heels. Definitely hot for it. The wayshe had looked at Marlo had made it so obvious. An instantconnection with their eyes. Marlo knowing them when they lookedat her like that. Reading them. Thinking about working them.Lucy pouted, continuing the slow removal of her clothes,gliding with extreme grace. Marlo appreciated the gracefulness ofthe girl and she watched her carefully. Lucy moved slowly, awareevery moment that Marlo was watching her. She slipped the blackflats off her feet. She peeled away the pale blue sweater andwhite bra to show her jiggling small breasts with pink nippleslike gumdrops, each nipple pierced by a tiny gold ring. Marlo'srings. Marlo had wanted the girl's nipples pierced and Lucy hadbeen happy to do whatever Marlo wanted. They'd gone to Albany forit; a date with a burned-out witch to Preteen Nymphet Models get the rings Preteen Nymphet Models in Lucy'stits. Now Lucy stalled, slowly folding the sweater and draping itover the back of a chair, standing in profile as she bent forwardto show Marlo her dangling little ringed breasts that madeMarlo's mouth water. Marlo wanted one in her mouth, her tongueflipping the ring. The girl gave a coy look to see if Marlo wasstill watching. Then Lucy's hands were at the skirt zipper,pulling it down, her breasts shaking as she dropped the skirt andstepped out of it.Surprise. No tights today. Lucy had chosen her underthingsto entice Marlo. Stockings with lace tops and a white garterbelt, no panties to cover the blonde fluff at her crotch. Thestockings were new and Marlo had never seen them before. She'dgiven Lucy the garter belt some time ago, but the girl had alwaysworn it with the stockings bought for her by Marlo, and then onlywhen Marlo told her to dress that way.Marlo said: "Where did you get the stockings?"Lucy gave her a coy smile. "I ordered them out of acatalog."As Lucy turned her back a moment, the girl's buttocks werelike a pair of smooth beach balls kissing each other between thestraps of the garter belt. She looked lovely, irresistible. Marlofelt the tightening in her belly, her clit coming to attention,rising awake and standing tall. Never mind the work she'dplanned, the hunger was too sharp."Come here."Lucy came to her with a smile of victory. The girl saunteredon her stocking feet, the beige stockings with lace topsglistening in a patch of light from the window. She came toMarlo, stood before her with her pelvis thrust forward."Do you like the stockings?""Yes, they're pretty. I'll get you some more the next timeI'm in Poughkeepsie. Didn't I give you one pair with lace tops?"Lucy pouted. "They got a run. So when I found the catalog inthe store, I ordered Preteen Nymphet Models these with a money order. I knew you'd likethem."Marlo smiled and kissed her. Then she stared at the blondethatch, the full mound so Preteen Nymphet Models surprising because everything elseabout the girl seemed unripe. She was almost like a boy. Lucy'sface was too thin and angular to be beautiful, but the sweetnesswas there. And the eagerness. Marlo reached up to pinch a pinknipple, tugging at the gold ring and then pushing at Lucy's hipto make the girl turn around.Lucy gave her another hot look as she turned to show hercompact little buttocks. She knew what Marlo wanted. Aftershifting her legs apart, she bent forward a bit to offer herself,to show herself from the rear, to show the gold ring piercing theright lip, this ring larger than the others, maybe the diameterof a quarter. This was also Marlo's ring, the piercing done abouta month after Lucy's nipples were pierced, but Lucy's ideareally. Lucy had come to her and said she wanted it, begged forit, said she wanted to feel she totally belonged to Marlo. She'dsaid: I do belong to you, don't I, Marlo?God, I love her, Marlo thought. She passed her fingers overa round buttock, her fingertips gliding on the smooth skin, justa tickling touch, first one globe and then the other. Then shemoved her Preteen Nymphet Models hand between Lucy's thighs and took her, getting insidequickly, no preliminaries, two fingers sliding into the drenchedcunt and then her thumb working into the girl's tight anus.Lucy groaned. She had already lubricated her back opening inthe bathroom. That was something Marlo had taught her: always beprepared. Lucy groaned again, squirming her rear portal onMarlo's thumb, shaking her hips, shuddering from head to toe asthe fingers worked in and out of both openings. The girl camequickly, her sweetness raining on Marlo's palm as she cried outand called Marlo's name, shaking again when Marlo finally pulledher fingers away and pinched her clit, shaking through a secondorgasm.No dallying today. A tie on the nearby table. A blackleather tie. Marlo reached for it, then quickly tied the girl'shands behind her back."Hold still," Marlo whispered, her tongue licking at Lucy'sear.Lucy moaned as Marlo securely tied her wrists together, herwrists crossed at the small of her back. The girl dropped now,kneeling with her head and shoulders on the floor, her knees wideapart and her buttocks raised. She adored giving herself to Marlothis way, bent over like a bitch-dog in heat, her pink sex openand vulnerable, her most intimate parts ready for whatever Marlowanted.Marlo gazed at the ripe little fig, pink and open, drippingsugar syrup on the insides of the young thighs. She bent forwardand touched Lucy's anus with her thumb again, Lucy whimpering asthe finger widened the opening and slipped inside."You're wide open.""Always for you, Marlo.""You want more?""Please, Marlo!"Wiggle it. Preteen Nymphet Models Wiggle it on my thumb."Lucy churned her hips, rolling her ass, her anus grippingMarlo's thumb as the other fingers of Marlo's hand remained onthe outside of her wet cunt.Marlo suddenly pulled her hand away and rose."Don't move."Lucy remained where she was, remained kneeling on the carpetas Marlo walked out of the room.Silence. Somewhere outside an owl hooted in a tree.Marlo returned without clothes, below her waist a dildo, ablack strap-on dildo that bobbed Preteen Nymphet Models up and down as she approachedLucy. The girl looked at it, her eyes hotter than ever becausegetting fucked by Marlo's cock was something special, a gift fromMarlo, an ecstasy.Marlo held her hand out to Lucy and had her rise. She ledthe girl to the stuffed chair she'd been sitting on previouslyand she had Lucy kneel on it with her head draped over the backand her ass facing Marlo. The girl's hands were still tied. Theheight was perfect, and without dawdling, Marlo moved in and usedher hand to guide the round knob of the dildo to Lucy's anus.Lucy groaned as it went in. She relaxed and opened herself.A half hour ago, she had lubricated herself carefully with thehope Marlo would take her this way. They had done it often enoughand she knew how to take it. She spread her knees further aparton the chair cushion and groaned again as she felt Marlo's handsgrasp her buttocks. Having her arms behind her back in thisposition was a bit painful now, but she gloried in her submissionto Marlo."Easy, girl.""Oh Marlo.""Feel good?""I love you, Marlo.""Say it again.""I love you, Marlo.""And I love you too."Marlo started fucking her slowly, watching the black shaftas it slid in out of the girl's stretched anus, Preteen Nymphet Models the hole like around mouth sucking on the black cylinder. She slid a hand underthe dildo to find Lucy's cunt, pushed three fingers inside thegirl's elastic vagina and worked them as she continued thrusting.When her smallest finger found Lucy's clitoris and startedstrumming it, Lucy began a continuous moaning.The girl trembled as she came. Marlo kept at it until Lucyhad another orgasm, and then finally she pulled out and made Lucyturn around."Go on, get it in your mouth," Marlo said, her voicecoaxing.With a soft cry, her hands still tied behind Preteen Nymphet Models her back, Lucylurched her face against Marlo's belly to get her mouth onMarlo's black cock.Marlo stroked Lucy's hair, a tender stroking of the blondehead. Sometimes she loved Lucy so much it made her chest hurt. Icould cry, Marlo thought. She caught a loose wisp of blonde hairand curled it behind Lucy's ear.I could really cry, Marlo thought. * * * Marlo twelve years ago at Syracuse University. She standsoutside the library, tall, thin, a white sweater, gray slacks,dark hair cropped short like a boy in a Ralph Lauren ad. Sheavoids looking at anyone, no eye contact, no interest as sheturns away to walk along a path between two rows of trees.Fifteen minutes later, she's in the living room of a smallhouse near the stadium. Paula Wakeman, middle forties, an ArtHistory professor, brown hair, brown eyes, a round cherubic face,has just entered with two glasses of iced tea."You look lovely," Paula says. "You always look lovely."Paula feels drab when she's near Marlo, hypnotized byMarlo's sleek boy-look. Today the boy-look is more emphatic thanusual: Marlo is a breathtaking vision. Paula asks about Marlo'sday. Has she had lunch? "You mustn't starve yourself. You'restill young, you're growing, you need the nutrients. Let me takeyou to dinner this evening."Marlo shakes her head. "No, not this evening. I can't."Paula flushes in her disappointment. She moves closer toMarlo, puts her tea down and leans forward to kiss Marlo's cheek."I'll make you a sandwich.""No, I'm not hungry.""But you need to eat something.""I'm fine, really.""What are you doing this evening?""I told you I have plans.""Yes, but what? Can't you tell me?""There's a group meeting to study for an exam.""Which exam?""Western Civilization.""You could study with me. I could help you."Marlo says nothing.Paula leans forward again, this time kissing closer toMarlo's mouth.Casually, as though it's an afterthought, Marlo brushes herfingers over the front of Paula's blouse, over one of the largebreasts thrusting at the fabric.Paula shudders as she feels the touching. "Yes, darling. Ohyes."Eager to get things started, Paula quickly unbuttons herblouse and unsnaps her heavy-duty front-closing bra. She bringsout a large breast, one hand supporting Preteen Nymphet Models the globe as she offersit to Marlo. "Here, my love."Marlo gazes down at Paula's ripeness, at the formidablenipple already showing signs of tumescence. It was Paula'sbreasts that intrigued her from the beginning, these motherlypillows that are still a novelty to Marlo because she has neverbeen with a woman like Paula.Her voice quavering, Paula says: "Kiss me, darling."And Marlo kisses her, takes Paula's mouth with her own whileshe holds the heavy breast with her hand. She slides the otherhand down Paula's back and over the lavish curves of Paula's ass.Paula groans as she feels Marlo's hands. "You make me feelso wanton." She pulls back, her expression simpering, her faceflushed with excitement. "Don't you want to stay with me thisevening?"Marlo shakes her head. "I Preteen Nymphet Models told you I can't."Pouting, Paula frees both breasts and supports them with herhands, looking down at them, gazing at her prize possessions."You like these, don't you?""Yes."Marlo feels a flash of renewed interest. The affair is onlya month old and Paula's lush body still excites Marlo intensely.And the way Paula so easily assumes a sluttish attitude. Theslutty professor holding her tits like a chorus girl.Paula laughs, her hands making her breasts roll. "Oh yes,you want them, don't you?"Marlo imagines the members of the Arts Faculty fainting awayone after the other at the sight of Paula with those big breastsin her hands. Professor Paula Wakeman is already lifting her woolskirt to show her thighs to an audience of one. Marlo bendsforward to take one of the nipples in her mouth, one hand Preteen Nymphet Models slidingbetween Paula's legs to find the wet evidence of Paula'sexcitement.Paula sighs as she cradles Marlo's head. She strokes Marlo'shair, thrilled at the short boyish haircut."You're not happy," Paula says.Marlo sucks the generous breast without replying. But it'strue. She's not happy. She has no idea why she's not happy, andshe has a great fear the unhappiness will last forever.All my life, Marlo thinks. I'll be unhappy all my life. * * * Beth stood in a dingy room in Ma Willow's frame house. Theroom had a musty smell, old white curtains, one window thatlooked out at the back of the house and at the ground slopingdown to the creek. She could just make out a barn-like placethrough the trees, and she knew that had to be Marlo's house. Shefelt the flush in her face as she remembered Marlo's eyes. I'llgo now, she thought; why not go now and see her and get it overwith? There was no reason to put it off, was there?At that moment she saw a girl between the trees, a slenderyoung girl wearing a sweater and skirt, the girl hurrying awayfrom Marlo's house.Beth watched the girl climbing the slope and suddenly sheknew instinctively the girl had been with Marlo. The blonde girlwas Marlo's lover, wasn't she? Yes, it had to be. Beth felt asharp sense of loss as she remembered Marlo's spectacular face,the high cheekbones. You're stupid, Beth thought; the womandoesn't know you, so why should the woman care? What made herthink she could have a woman like that?The blonde girl passed close to Ma Willow's house and thenabruptly vanished from view.Beth decided to go to Marlo anyway. She did want to seewhatever paintings Marlo had. She reasoned the visit wasappropriate---she had already told Marlo she was interested inher Preteen Nymphet Models work. She decided to ignore Marlo's rudeness at themechanic's shop. Marlo was an artist and artists were alwaystemperamental, weren't they? Beth knew a number of them in NewYork who were almost totally crazy. Artists needed understanding,especially the painters who were the craziest of the lot. Thisone had certainly rattled her because the last thing in the worldshe had expected was to find such an exquisite woman stuck in aplace like Milson Corners.She changed her clothes first. She put on a sweater andjeans and tennis shoes, and then she left Ma Willow's and shewalked down the slope to the barn-like house where Marlo lived.After Beth knocked on the front door, a long time passedbefore anything happened. Finally she heard footsteps, and thenthe door opened and Marlo stood there gazing at her with thosedark haunted eyes."Yes?""I hope you don't mind. Since I'm staying over there at MaWillow's house, I thought I might..."Beth broke off; she felt foolish.Marlo said: "Thought Preteen Nymphet Models you might what?""I thought I might get to see more of your work."Marlo said nothing for a long moment, her eyes drifting upand down as she studied Beth from head to toe."I like you better in heels."Beth felt herself blushing. "Do I get to see any paintings?""Not now. I'm working now. Come by tomorrow at noon andwe'll see."Marlo's eyes suddenly turned vague.Beth nodded, and a moment later the door closed.That face, Beth thought. She felt small and defenseless,aware of the erratic beat of her heart, her mind flooded withuncertainty and fascination. And something else too. A strangesense of foreboding. * * * Beth eight years ago at Smith College. She's twenty yearsold, blonde, bronzed by the sun, now lying naked on a bed in herdorm room while she watches her roommate Allie dry her hair aftera shower. Allie is athletic, quick-tempered, with muscled armsand thighs and close-cropped dark hair. She holds a large whitetowel wrapped around her body. Thirty minutes ago they made loveon Beth's bed, sweating as they grasped at each other, turningover and over on the bed, Beth groaning as Allie's knowingfingers stroked orgasm after orgasm out of her writhing body.Allie now puts the hair dryer down, the noise of Preteen Nymphet Models the machinesuddenly absent, and she turns and looks at Beth. After a longmoment, Allie says: "You're too uncertain."Beth rolls over on her back and covers her eyes with herforearm. "What do you mean?""Sometimes you act like you're not into it, like you're notsure about being gay. Or maybe you don't like me enough.""You know that's not true.""Isn't it?""Allie, I've told you so many times I'm in love with you.""Then what is it?""If you want to know, the fact is I don't like the idea ofyou seeing anyone else."Allie hisses through her teeth. "Christ, we talked aboutthat at the beginning. Didn't we talk about that?""Yes, I know what I said. But now I don't think I can copewith it.""Oh shit."Turning her head, Beth looks at her. "I don't know what todo.""You know I'm not into exclusive relationships."Beth stares at the ceiling. "I want to belong to someone."Allie walks to Beth's bed and she sits down on the edge ofthe mattress and leans forward to kiss Beth's forehead. "Youbelong to me. We're together, aren't we?" She runs her fingersover Beth's breasts and then slides her hand between Beth'sthighs to cup Beth's cunt. "Open up to Allie, sweets. Don't youwant to?"Beth groans and spreads her legs apart. "Yes." * * * The paintings were spectacular.Shortly after lunch the next day, Beth stood in Marlo'sstudio before an array of canvases that took her breath away.Beth said: "I'm overwhelmed."She wore a white tank top, a denim skirt, and white sandalswith high heels. The shoes had been carried down the slope in herhands. She'd been dubious about the heels, had told herself shewas silly, but after she'd arrived she'd seen the interest inMarlo's eyes and she wasn't sorry.Marlo leaned against the wall near a French window that ledto a sundeck, her thumbs hooked inside her belt, her eyes onBeth.Marlo said: "What do you like?""I like everything. All these paintings are marvelous. Whyhaven't you brought them to New York?"Marlo shrugged. "I don't like New York. It's too phony."They looked at each other, and Beth said: "Do you have anymore?""A few. Some portraits.""May I see them?""Over here."Marlo gestured toward the other end of the large room. Theywalked beside each other, Beth feeling small next to Marlo'sheight, even in her heels. And then suddenly, before they reachedthe stack of canvases facing a wall, Beth stumbled on a stretcherbar, cried out as she started falling, and then gasped withrelief as Marlo's strong hands gripped her waist and preventedher collapse.Still holding her, Marlo grumbled: "My fault. The floor's amess."Acutely aware she was in Marlo's arms, Beth trembled. "I'mclumsy.""You're wearing heels."And wearing them, of course, because of that remark Marlohad made the day before. Beth wondered if Marlo Preteen Nymphet Models understood. Shefelt Preteen Nymphet Models helpless with this woman, completely thunderstruck.Their eyes locked, Marlo gazing down at her, still grippingBeth's waist with her hands, and then finally Marlo bent her headand Beth shuddered as Marlo kissed her.Beth felt her head spin. Her senses were filled with thetaste of Marlo's mouth, the feel of Marlo's body pressing againsthers, the grip of Marlo's hands on her waist. Her armsinstinctively shifted around Marlo's shoulders, her hands slidingover Marlo's back.Marlo's lips at last left Beth's and moved to the side ofBeth's neck. Beth groaned as she felt the warm lips and thenMarlo's hands tugging at her tank top, pulling the white top downfar enough to expose her breasts.Her hands again holding Beth's waist, Marlo leaned back andgazed down."Nice."Beth's nipples were stiff, pointed with her excitement.Beth struggled. "Please, I don't---""No?"Hardly touching her, Marlo ran her fingertips over thecontours of Beth's breasts as Beth shut her eyes and trembled.Beth felt the fingers close on her nipples, pinching, exploring,tugging at her flesh.Marlo spoke in a low voice: "Pose for me. I'd like to paintyou."Beth opened her eyes. "Now?""Yes, now."Beth tried to hide her disappointment. Paint her now?Marlo pulled at her hand to lead her to the Preteen Nymphet Models part of thestudio she used for painting.As reluctant as Beth was to have this sudden intimacy with awoman she hardly knew, she also yearned for Marlo to take her tobed. She was captivated by Marlo; she wanted her desperately. ButMarlo seemed to have nothing more on her mind than her work. Bethsuddenly felt foolish. But when she tried to restore herappearance and cover her breasts with her tank top, Marlo pulledher hands away."No, stay like that. That's how I want to paint you. Do youmind?"Beth surrendered. It was all so sudden, so bizarre, nothingseemed impossible. "No, I don't mind.""Maybe you ought to take the top off altogether. Here, I'llhelp you."Beth was amazed at herself, startled at how rapidly thingshad changed between them. One kiss, and now here she was strippedto the waist like a harem girl. I'm blushing, she thought. Shewould rather be on a bed making love, but the heat in Marlo'sdark eyes as Marlo studied her breasts was enough. She had goodbreasts; everyone always told her she had good breasts, full andround, and the nipples like thick studs when erected. Like now.As Marlo posed her, making her seat herself on a high stoolwith one foot on the floor and the other on a rung, Beth said:"I feel awkward.""You don't look awkward, you look beautiful. Pull yourshoulders back a bit. Yes, like that. That's good. Lovely tits."Beth blushed. "Marlo, please...""Yes?""Don't paint me now.""Why not?""I---oh God.""Tell me.""I want you to make love to me."Marlo chuckled softly, not looking at Beth as she continuedto swirl a brush in a jar. "Are you sure?""Yes.""You don't know anything about me. I may be too much foryou."Marlo looked at her now, and Beth tried to read her face."In what way?"The tall woman shrugged. "Sometimes I demand a lot. Thingsyou maybe hardly know about."Beth felt her nipples tingling. "I'm not a child."Marlo smirked. "No, you're not, are you? All right, get therest of your clothes off. Everything but the shoes."Yes of course, everything but the shoes. It was more anorder than a request. If she thought she'd get romance, she wasmistaken. Did she want romance? Whatever it was that washappening, it thrilled her completely. She saw the dark eyesburning at her again, and she trembled as she rose from the stoolto unbuckle her belt and step out of her denim skirt. Under theskirt she wore no stockings, only white nylon panties, and withher face flushed she quickly peeled the panties away and put themon top of the skirt on the stool.When she looked at Marlo again, Marlo made a gesture withher hand. "Turn."As gracefully as she knew how, Beth did a turn to show herbody from all sides. Did her belly slope too much? And herbuttocks? Was her ass firm enough?"I feel awkward again.""You don't need to. You're lovely.""Oh Marlo, I---""Don't talk.""Then what?""Come here."Beth went to her, carefully crossing the floor on her highheels to where Marlo leaned against another high wooden stool.When Beth reached Marlo, the Preteen Nymphet Models dark-eyed woman took hold of Beth'sbreasts and gently pulled them out from Beth's chest.Beth flushed and moaned, her eyes on Marlo's hands, her legstrembling as she realized how much she wanted it, how much shewanted to be completely dominated by this startling woman. Hercunt throbbed. In Milson Corners. Of all places in the world,this had to happen Preteen Nymphet Models in Milson Corners."What do you want?" Marlo said softly."I want you to make love to me.""No, I won't do that."Beth's heart sank. She stared at Marlo. "Why not?""I'll fuck you, but I won't make love to you. We don't knoweach well enough for love."Beth quivered. "Please...""What?""I don't know.""Do you want it?""Yes."Holding Beth's right breast in her left hand, Marlo broughther right hand up to Beth's face and pushed her fingers at Beth'smouth."Take my fingers."Beth shuddered. Was it really happening? She felt sohelpless with this woman, her mind whirling with her need to haveMarlo ravish her. Yes! she thought. She opened her mouth to haveit stuffed with Marlo's fingers. Marlo bunched three fingerstogether and slowly slid them in and out of Beth's open mouth."Get them wet," Marlo said, her voice tender now, almost awhisper.Beth sucked the long fingers, moving her head back andforth, wetting the fingers with her saliva. As Beth did this,Marlo dropped her left hand from Beth's breast and slid it aroundBeth's hip to find and squeeze one of her buttocks. Beth closedher eyes as she felt Marlo's hand slide into the crack of herass, the fingers of the hand now finding her cunt from the rear,not penetrating, only exploring, the hand feeling huge as itpressed her cheeks apart.Marlo abruptly pulled her wet fingers out of Beth's mouthand said: "Turn around."Beth stared at her, feeling the hot flush in her face. Shecould not refuse. She was too excited, too overcome with anintense desire to submit. She turned and stood Preteen Nymphet Models with her back toMarlo, yielding and shifting her legs apart as she felt Marlo'shand slide between her thighs.She groaned as she hand possessed her. Preteen Nymphet Models She wanted more, butshe was afraid to ask.Marlo gazed at the woman she had before her. She felt agreat passion as she gazed down at Beth's proffered ass.Yesterday she'd had Lucy almost exactly the same way. But thiswas different. Beth was lush, mature, her femininity fullydeveloped. Marlo found the wet vagina with her thumb and enteredit without delay, her middle finger locating Beth's stiff clitand stroking it. Then she pulled her thumb out and replaced itwith the three fingers Beth had sucked earlier.Beth moaned as she felt Marlo's fingers push inside hercunt, the strong digits filling her, stretching her passage.Anonymous sex, she thought. Nothing but a sharp lust thatconsumed her. Is this what you want? All she was certain of wasan intense desire to please Marlo. That and the need to have thathand do more.Marlo's hand moved, her fingers expertly fucking the opencunt.Beth's orgasm started building immediately. She gasped andmade a plaintive sound as she felt Marlo's thumb penetrate heranus as she started coming."Please, no! I don't want that!"Marlo kept her thumb in place. "If you're Preteen Nymphet Models not happy, you canput your clothes on and leave. Is that what you want?"Beth groaned. "No.""Then stop complaining". Marlo pulled Beth backward untilshe had Beth leaning against her, fingers in Beth's cunt and herthumb in Beth's ass. "Go on, baby, let go."Beth cried out as her cunt exploded. Marlo held her as theorgasm racked her body from head to toe, held her and kissed herneck as she gently brought Beth down with her stroking fingers,her fingers Preteen Nymphet Models sliding, sliding until Beth finished.At the end Beth rebelled, twisting away and almost stumblingon her high heels. "I hated that.""No, you didn't, you loved it.""I hated it!"Marlo glared at her. "Put your clothes on and get out."Beth was stunned. "I---""Go on, bitch, get out."The tall woman walked away. Beth shuddered as she watchedher, her skin suddenly cold. Her legs trembling, she hurried togather her clothes. PART TWO For three years now, Rita had been living with a woman namedJul in Rita's West Village townhouse. Jul taught History andFrench in an Upper West Side high school. She'd been born inFrance, and even after twenty years in New York she still had aslight French accent. She was dark-haired like Rita, with a quietstrength obvious to anyone who looked at her, an angularintelligent face and sharp hazel eyes. At work Jul dressed insuits and skirts and black low-heeled pumps. Away from the highschool, Jul favored boots and jeans and leather vests over blueshirts. Rita liked to dress up when they went out, and when shewore high heels she was considerably taller than Jul because Julwas shorter than Rita and Jul's cowboy boots had only clunky lowheels. Rita was a full-fleshed woman, with large breasts and widehips and plump calves. She adored Jul because Jul was the firstwoman with whom she felt totally comfortable. All the others hadmade trouble because it was Rita's money that paid for thetownhouse and Rita's money that paid for the other luxuries. Juldidn't seem to care one way or the other where the money camefrom. All she seemed to care about was Rita, making her happy,looking after her, and making her come with thunderous orgasmsthat shook the bed and rattled the porcelain figurines on themantel behind the headboard."No one makes you come like I do," Jul said."No one," Rita agreed.They were in bed, Jul half-lying on top of Rita, a Sundaymorning political talk show on the TV screen with the soundswitched off, the faces on the screen, one after the other,yammering silently as Jul continued to gently move her fingers inRita's cunt.Jul slowly withdrew her fingers. "Would you like somecoffee?""I'd love it."When Jul returned from the kitchen with their coffee, Ritasaid: "Something's bothering Beth.""Something's always bothering Beth.""No, this is serious. I think she's in love with someone.""Who?""I don't know. Ever since she returned from upstate she'sbeen walking around in a daze."Jul snorted and said nothing. She wanted to tell Rita thatBeth was always in a daze, but she knew Rita liked Beth and shesaid nothing. Rita and Beth, in fact, had once been lovers, butonly for a short time. Jul was certain she had nothing to worryabout from that quarter. Not from Beth. Rita needed someone likeJul, not someone like Beth. Jul felt possessive about Rita eventhough she herself was not faithful. Jul liked variety in her sexlife, and whenever the opportunity offered itself and she coulddo it secretly, she would see other women. Her attitude was thatas long as Rita knew nothing about it, what was the harm?Unwilling to talk any more about Beth, Jul slid down on thebed and rested her face on Rita's belly. She started teasingRita's pussy as Rita sipped her coffee."You're going Preteen Nymphet Models to wear me out," Rita said with affection."I haven't yet.""No, you haven't."As if to affirm it, Rita opened her legs in obviousinvitation. Jul snickered with approval against Rita's cunt, butinstead of diving in and sucking her the way she knew Rita wantedher to, Jul merely toyed with Rita's lush garden. She teased thelong lips, carefully tugging them out and arranging them like apair of red wings on either side. She tickled the shaft of Rita'sprominent clitoris and watched the jerking of the pink pearl."Don't be mean," Rita said, sighing as she put the coffeecup away and opened her legs further. She pushed firmly at Jul'shead, and then she groaned as she felt Jul's tongue finally startlicking her. As Jul slid down on the bed and arranged herselfbetween Rita's legs, Rita raised her knees and then spread themas wide as possible, each knee almost touching the mattress, herwide apart folded legs like a huge open oyster.And at the center of the oyster was Rita's pearl.Holding Rita's cunt open with her fingers, Jul tickled theentrance with her tongue. Rita was running like a brook again,the plentiful sap seeping out of her to flow over Jul's tongue ina thick stream. She lapped it up, loving the smell and taste ofit, her nose rubbing Rita's clit from side to side."Oh, that's lovely," Rita groaned. "Just keep doing me likethat." * * * Rita sixteen years ago in Paris. Twenty years old anddetermined to be cosmopolitan. Her college friend, a nervouslittle blonde named Mary, has returned home to Ohio after a spatabout Rita's unwillingness to be economical. I never liked her,Rita thinks; I never liked her anyway. She's happy to be alone.She loves Paris. Now she's sitting on the terrace of a cafe onthe Boulevard Haussmann. The people are so interesting.Sophisticated. Glamorous. The clothes they wear so perfect forthem. That woman. Rita fixes her eyes on a brunette, dark eyes,aristocratic bones, a simple black sweater set off by a singlestrand of pearls. The woman is maybe forty, perfect makeup, hairin a chignon. Exquisite, Rita thinks; such an exquisite presence.Now the woman turns her head. Their eyes meet. An appraisal. Thena turning away. Only a few moments later, the woman looks at Ritaagain. A slight questioning smile as she finds Rita is stillstaring at her.An hour later, Rita holds a glass of champagne in an eleganthouse on the Ile St. Louis. Sylvie, known formally as MadameDuclos, smiles at Rita and says: "It's much too hot to sit in thegarden. You don't mind, do you?" She speaks English with anaccent half British and half French. How charming.Rita doesn't mind at all. Anywhere will do. Sylvie hadearlier invited Rita to sit in her garden, but now that Rita wasin the house she was too overwhelmed with its elegance to careabout trifles. Every stick of furniture looks like an antique!Sylvie's husband, referred to as "Bernard" by Sylvie, isevidently in Rome on business. Rita wonders if these people areroyalty. Sylvie could be a countess. A woman with a fabulouspresence, an awesome aura. But even so, Rita isn't naive enoughnot to understand the essence of things. She knows what Sylviewants. Little Rita has been around the track enough times to knowexactly what Sylvie wants. So when Sylvie pours more champagne,then hands the glass to Rita and follows that by stroking thebacks of her fingers across Rita's cheek, Rita blushes, smiles,and accepts the caress.Later, in Sylvie's pink boudoir (more antiques!), Ritaaccepts everything. She lies sprawled on the four-poster bed asSylvie undresses her. She folds her knees back at a hint fromSylvie, and then she gasps as she feels Sylvie's mouth claim herwetness.Rita gazes up at the canopy of the four-poster bed. Anadventure in Paris, she thinks. This alone is worth the price ofthe plane ticket. With a groan, she gently closes her thighsaround Sylvie's head. * * * Bobo said: "You want a beer, Marlo? There's cold beer in thefridge."Bobo was a big, brawny woman in a white shirt, jeans, andsneakers. She ran a ski lift in winter, and in summer she drove atruck delivering gravel to anyone who wanted it. She had a housein Reston, a town ten miles north of Milson Corners, and with herin the house she had a wife called Millie. Today, when Marlovisited, there was a third woman there, a nervous creature namedCheryl, already known to Marlo, thirty-five maybe, tender eyesand soft breasts under a frilly blouse.Cheryl was nervous because she was married, had a husbandand family in a neighboring town, and she would just die ifanyone she didn't trust discovered her with Bobo.Marlo had never paid much attention to Cheryl, no more thanan occasional glance at the movements of her breasts, and she wasnot paying much attention now. She found a beer in the frig andreturned to the cluttered living room where Millie was servingcold baloney and cheese on paper platters."Eat something," Bobo said to Marlo. "You won't get fateating baloney."Marlo shook her head. "I'm not hungry.""Then play with Cheryl." Bobo waved her arm at Cheryl."Cheryl, honey, you're always telling me how much you like Marlo.Well, there she is. Go sit on her lap."Cheryl blushed, the order putting her in a quandary becauseshe always did what Bobo told her to do and yet she Preteen Nymphet Models was too shyto be forward with Marlo."Go on," Bobo ordered. "Marlo won't bite you, unless it's inthe right place." Bobo laughed, her huge breasts shaking underher shirt.Cheryl walked over to Marlo. But instead of sitting onMarlo's lap, she sat next to Marlo on the sofa. When Cherylleaned forward, the low neckline of her loose blouse showed thevalley between her soft breasts.Marlo looked at Bobo. "I may be driving down to New Yorknext week. You need anything?"Bobo shrugged. "Yeah. Have a look at my sister."Bobo had a sister in Brooklyn. In a wheelchair."Sure," Marlo said.When Millie finished in the kitchen, she returned to Bobo,and Bobo took Millie on her lap. The sun was down, the roomgetting dark, but Bobo said the dark was better than the bugs andthey could wait awhile for the lamp. So they sat that way Preteen Nymphet Models in thegrowing darkness.Bobo told Marlo she could have Cheryl if she wanted her."Just while you're here."Marlo chuckled. "Maybe she'll come home with me," sheteased."The hell she will," Bobo said. "Go on, take her. She'sdying for it. Millie and me, we'll watch."Marlo hadn't come to Bobo's for sex, but it was never easyto refuse Bobo anything. What Cheryl wanted didn't matter,because Cheryl was more or less Bobo's slave and she would dowhatever Bobo wanted her to do.Bobo urged Marlo to get on with it. She had Millie cuddledin her lap as she told Marlo how much Cheryl talked about Marlo."She's nuts about Preteen Nymphet Models you," Bobo said.Marlo was amused. Maybe it would be good to get distracted,stop thinking about that New York girl. For the past week shehadn't thought about anything except Beth. Marlo now felt she'dbeen crazy to let Beth get away like that. She looked at Cheryland slowly pulled out the neckline of Cheryl's blouse to exposemore of Cheryl's breasts. Even in the darkness, she could seeCheryl's beauties."Cheryl!" Bobo boomed.Cheryl trembled. "Yes?""You do what I say, don't you?""You know that, Bobo.""Turn on one of the lamps and get your clothes off. Come on,honey, move it."Nervous, Cheryl looked at the windows. "I'll pull theshades.""The hell with the shades, we're in the woods. Nothing outthere except hoot owls."They all blinked in the light when Cheryl switched on one ofthe lamps. Bobo sent Millie to get some music on the stereo andbring some cold beer. "Christ, I feel like a party," Bobo said."Come on, Cheryl, get stripped."Millie brought the beer, and after that Cheryl stripped tothe waist and danced for them. She had done if for Bobo before,but with the window shades up she found it a little frightening.And more exciting than usual because Marlo was there. She kepther eyes on Marlo as she danced, her breasts in her hands, hertorso bucking and weaving."I told you she's good," Bobo said, meaning Cheryl, or maybeshe meant Millie. Bobo had her cock out, and Millie was squattingover her lap to take it. Marlo felt the rising heat in her bellyas she watched Bobo swallow half a breast as Millie sat down onher dildo. "Good girl," Bobo said.Everything was visible, Millie's ass, the cock spearing herspread labia, Bobo's meaty hands clutching at Millie's buttocks.Cheryl continued dancing, and Marlo's eyes moved from one part ofthe room to the other as she watched it all.I don't know what I want, Marlo thought. Oh yes, she didknow. She Preteen Nymphet Models wanted Beth. None of this meant anything, because whatshe really wanted was Beth. * * * Jul did not believe in monogamy. As much as she loved Rita,Jul found it impossible to restrict her sex life to one woman.Because she knew Rita would be enraged if she ever discovered heradventures with other women, Jul kept all her liaisons a darksecret, even from her good friends. Fortunately, there wereenough lesbian women in New York to make such a secret lifepossible.One afternoon, Jul left the school where she worked and sherode a taxi to Fifth Avenue to do some shopping in a departmentstore. As she looked through a rack of blouses, she noticed asaleswoman busy at a rack not too far away. The woman was blondeand busty, with cropped hair and bangs, and large colorfulearrings. She was maybe fifty, with a look of energeticefficiency that Jul always found attractive in a woman. Whentheir eyes met, when they gazed a long moment at each other, Julrealized the woman was a dyke.Jul was immediately interested. Those heavy breasts. Sheimagined herself sucking the fat nipples. She felt a flush ofdesire as she thought of herself and the woman together. Sheturned away to look for another blouse to try on in the dressingroom, and then suddenly she heard a feminine voice close by ather side."Can I help you?" the saleswoman said.Surprised, Jul quickly recovered and nodded. "I thought I'dtry these on. What about this one? I don't know the label."They chatted casually about clothes awhile, the saleswomanhelping Jul select two more blouses, and then Jul went off to thedressing room to try them on.While Jul was in the dressing room wearing one of the newblouses, the saleswoman popped her head in to ask if Jul neededany help.Jul said: "Do you have this one in black?""Yes, I think so. I'll bring it."When the saleswoman returned, she found Jul stripped to thewaist, Jul without a stitch above her skirt as she waited for thenew blouse.The blonde woman's eyes were hot as they raked over Jul'sinsignificant breasts and strong shoulders, but the blonderetained her composure. "Here, I think this will be perfect onyou. I'm sorry I broke Preteen Nymphet Models in.""No, stay."Their eyes met, and with a slight smile the saleswomanstepped into the room and pulled the curtain behind her. "Let mehelp you with the blouse."As the saleswoman unbuttoned the blouse on the hanger, Julstood facing the mirror with her dark little nipples like twoturrets pointing forward.Jul said: "I'm sorry, but I don't like bras."The saleswoman's looked at Jul, her eyes flicking over Jul'scompact breasts. "I don't mind. Are you an athlete?""An athlete? No, I'm not, I'm a school teacher.""You look very athletic.""I work out at a gym club.""It shows. All those muscles.""Mmm."As the saleswoman helped Jul slip into the blouse, theirbodies touched for the first time."My name is Sally," the blonde said.Jul met her eyes in the mirror. "I'm Jul. And you knowwhat?""What?""I'd like to ball you."Always the confident butch. You get nothing unless you tryfor it, Jul thought.A long moment of silence, their eyes locked. And then Sallysaid: "I'm off on Thursday." * * * Jul eleven years ago in a bar in the West Village. She'sdancing with a girl named Michelle, a girl with wild frizzy hairand full red lips. Michelle wears a loose peasant blouse and along skirt; Jul wears 501s and a blue cotton shirt with fullsleeves.Michelle says: "You're Italian, aren't you?"Jul shrugs. "Only part Italian. I'm really French."Michelle looks coy. "You look Italian enough. Italianbutches turn me on." She pulls back and shakes her shoulders tothe music. "What do you do?""I'm a teacher.""Are you any good?""Sometimes.""I don't mean teaching.""I know what you mean."Michelle makes a sound as though she's just tasted achocolate sundae. They stop dancing and stand at the edge of thecrowded dance floor. Michelle talks about her advertising job.Then she says: "You know what? I think we ought to go somewhereand fuck. We can go to my place.""All right.""But I mean I want you to fuck me. Do you use a strap-on?"Jul hasn't ever, but she's hot for this girl, eager toexperience Michelle's intensity. "I don't have it with me," Julsays."Don't worry, I have everything at home. God, I bet you'regood. Yeah, I can tell."Overwhelmed by the girl, hoping she won't make a fool ofherself, Jul leaves with Michelle to go to Michelle's Upper EastSide apartment.As they ride uptown in a taxi, Michelle grabs Jul's hand andpulls it between her legs. "Come on, do something."Jul is uneasy because of the driver, but she gets her handunder Michelle's loose skirt and into Michelle's crotch. She rubsMichelle's cunt through her panties, and Michelle starts comingalmost immediately.Jul is tremendously excited by the girl's orgasm.When the come is finished, Michelle leans her head on Jul'sshoulder. "I always go off like dynamite," Michelle says, hervoice softer now. "Boom boom. Quick. You did it just right."The driver seems oblivious to anything happening behind him.Finally, Jul and Michelle arrive at Michelle's apartmentbuilding on Eighty-third Street. Jul pays the taxi driver. Insidethe building, Jul and Michelle share the elevator with Preteen Nymphet Models a silentcouple, a man and woman in their fifties. Jul imagines she cansmell Michelle's come; she feels claustrophobic. At last she andMichelle exit the elevator and leave the couple behind.Michelle has a small studio apartment. Neat but small. Assoon as the shades are pulled, Jul and Michelle are in a hotclinch near the sofa. They drop down to the rug, kissing andtearing at Michelle's clothes. Michelle pulls away to stripeverything off. She has slender shoulders and full droopingbreasts, a combination that excites Jul.Michelle says: "Don't go away. Just wait for me."Jul sits on the rug and waits. She looks at the room, herheart beating with excitement, anticipation, satisfaction thatshe was able to connect tonight.Michelle returns with a pink rubber dildo and a harness."Here's the dick," Michelle says, rubbing it across her barebreasts. "Would you do me a favor?""Okay.""If you wear it under the jeans with just the dick stickingout, that really turns me on."Jul takes the cock and harness to the bathroom.At least Michelle is clean. The neat bathroom is testimony.Michelle drops her jeans. This is her first time with astrap-on, and she's wondering if she ought to consider thepolitics. Well, screw the politics, she thinks. No, she's aboutto screw Michelle. She wags the rubber cock in front of her bellyto see the effect. She dons the harness, secures the straps withthe cock in place through the hole, the cock bobbing as if it'salive. She feels the excitement now. She pulls up her 501s,buttons the fly around the cock. One button undone is enough, thecock sticking out like a thick pink baton.She looks at herself in the full-length mirror on the backof the bathroom door. What she sees makes her so hot shetrembles.Yeah, she thinks.She returns to the living room with the cock wagging.Michelle is naked on the sofa, her eyes hot as she stares atJul."God, I love it," Michelle says. She spreads her legs,rubbing her pussy as she looks at Jul. "How do you want me?"Jul gazes at the dark cunt. Hairy. Jul loves hair.Michelle's hair is so thick, the lips of her cunt are hardlyvisible. "Right there," Jul says. She pushes Michelle back on thesofa, getting her legs up, stroking her thighs.Michelle groans as she stares at the cock. She slides bothhands down to her pussy to hold her lips open.After pulling back a bit, Jul takes hold of the cock and sheguides the tip into Michelle's leaking cunt.Michelle groans again, her knees folded all the way back toher breasts as she says: "Fuck me deep and hard."Jul starts moving, thrusting, sliding the cock in and out.She learns.She feels the intense excitement. She loves it. She decidesshe loves fucking a girl with a cock. She loves the power shehas. The raw fucking power. I love it, she thinks. * * * Thursday afternoon at the Plaza Hotel, and Jul and blondeSally were riding up an elevator to a room. They were bothalready mellow from cocktails at the bar. Jul considered it worththe money. She needed this. She needed variety in her life, thistingling feeling because this was sex with someone she hardlyknew and she found that exciting. Why not? Safety with a closetdyke from New Jersey. The excitement of a new conquest. I'm justnot the domestic type, Jul thought. Rita Preteen Nymphet Models would never understand.Rita would throw her out if she ever discovered it.Jul smiled at Sally. They were alone in the elevator, andwithout haste Jul rubbed the back of her hand over one of Sally'sbulging breasts. The tit bulging in her red blouse.The excitement showed in Sally's face as Jul kept her handthere.Jul said: "I'd like to suck these for about an hour."Sally shuddered with pleasure. Preteen Nymphet Models "Oh Jesus."Finally they were at the room. As soon as they were inside,Jul pulled back and acted more reserved in order to get Sallybegging for it. Jul said there was no need to close the blinds;there was nothing out there except the park. She thought Sallywould look good in the sunlight. She approached the blonde andgave her a lingering kiss at the corner of her lips. Then Julmoved away again.Her nervousness showing, Sally babbled about the beautifulview of the park. "I've never been in this hotel before."Jul moved in again. This time the kiss was hotter, but Julstill held back her tongue."I'm hot for you," Jul said.Another kiss. Now Jul's tongue slid into Sally's mouth, hertongue fucking into the blonde's mouth until Sally groanedagainst her lips.Jul's fingers started working at the buttons of Sally'sblouse. One by one, the buttons came undone, Jul leaning back,both of them watching Jul's hands. She pulled the blouse out ofthe waistband of Sally's skirt and spread it apart.Sally's heavy breasts were contained by a white lace bra.Jul said: "Go on, unhook it."Sally blushed as she reached back to unhook her bra. In amoment, the big breasts bounced out like a pair of pillows.Jul took them in her hands, stroked them, lifted them, herthumbs rubbing the wide pink nipples.Sally closed her eyes and hissed.At last Jul raised a tit high and dropped her mouth to suck.She made love to the breast with her hands as she sucked,her fingers stroking, pressing, teasing the abundant flesh.Then she stopped. "Wait for me," Jul said. "I'll be backsoon."Sally blew Jul a kiss as Jul walked out of the bedroom andinto the bathroom. Jul closed the door and stripped Preteen Nymphet Models off herschool clothes, everything off until she was naked. She removed ablack dildo and harness from her purse and wrapped the strapsaround her body. She watched herself in the mirror. Watchingherself donning her cock always made her hot.Then she rummaged in her purse again, brought out a tube ofK-Y, opened it, and then carefully smeared some of the gel on thelatex dildo. Only enough to make it gleam.When she returned to the bedroom, she found Sally naked onthe bed and waiting for her.Sally froze when she saw the cock."Oh, that's crazy," Sally said, her eyes fixed on theswaying black dildo."Haven't you ever?""Not like that. Not when it's worn like that."Jul was amused. She liked Sally. She was sweet. Blonde andbusty and with skin like silk. A suburban closet dyke rattled bya dildo. Jul took her cock in her hand and said: "It's betterthis way. I bet you're going to love it."Sally squirmed on the bed. "What I like is getting licked."Jul smiled as she climbed onto the bed between Sally's legs."I like doing that too."She went down on Sally, her face burrowing into the plumplittle trench, her tongue finding the stream and her lipsdrinking from it.Sally moaned.Jul Preteen Nymphet Models continued sucking until Sally's belly heaved.Then Jul pulled back to raise Sally's knees. "Let's try itnow."Sally yielded. "I've never been screwed with one of those.""Yes, you said that.""It can't hurt me, can it?"Jul chuckled as she guided her black cock inside Sally'sthick-lipped pink cunt.Now Sally groaned. No more talk about hurting. Groaning asshe reached out to pull Jul closer.Jul settled in, dropping down enough to feel Sally's bigbreasts against Preteen Nymphet Models her own, kissing Sally's open mouth, sliding hercock in Sally's cunt as she made love to Sally's face.Hello, New Jersey, Jul thought. It's Thursday afternoon atthe Plaza. * * * At the end of a long day in the gallery, Rita said: "Beth,you've been hiding something from me."Beth sighed. "I have?""Ever since you returned from that trip upstate, you've beenacting like a lost soul. Just what went on up there? Don't youwant to talk about it? Come on, we'll go to Perry's and have apair of tall whiskey sours and talk."Beth had no choice. When Rita was determined the way sheseemed now, there was never any way to dissuade her. And it mightdo me some good, Beth thought. Maybe she did need to talk tosomeone.As usual, Perry's was crowded, but they found a table in acorner and ordered drinks. Rita started questioning Bethimmediately, and before long Beth revealed she had done more thanget her car fixed in that little town upstate.Rita was amused. "Tell me about her.""She's tall, gorgeous, and very butch.""In the Adirondacks?""Yes, in the Adirondacks. They've got people up there too,you know.""I can't imagine it. Why doesn't she come to New York?""Maybe she likes the trees.""She wowed you, didn't she?""And how.""Poor baby. You're not going to fall apart, are you? We'recoming into the busy season at the gallery."Beth shook her head. "Don't worry about me. I've alreadymade plans to get the Adirondacks out of my mind."She had to. She told herself Preteen Nymphet Models the interlude with Marlo hadbeen all sex and nothing else. Not a hint of tenderness fromMarlo. Just an unexpected but casual fuck. I won't fall apart,Beth thought. Nothing important had happened up there; nothingthat wouldn't fade. Preteen Nymphet Models * * * That evening, Beth had a date with Delora. She liked Delorabecause Delora was never serious about anything. All Delora caredabout was a good time and looking after her two cats. Delora dida routine in a midtown strip bar, but the money was lousy and shenever had enough to pay her bills. Beth and Delora got alongfine, maybe because they almost looked like sisters, which was anamusement for both of them. Delora had larger breasts and widerhips, but they were the same height and they had the samecoloring. With Delora there was never any dyke drama, justordinary sex of the first-you-then-me kind, no problems and nopolitics.This evening Delora said: "I'm going to make you hot."Beth smiled and looked around to make certain no one couldhear them. Delora was not working this evening, and they weresitting in a rather sedate midtown restaurant.Her eyes on Delora again, Beth chuckled as she tasted theflan dessert she'd ordered. "Don't get us in trouble here.""I'm doing a special strip for you tonight. Would you likethat?""You haven't done that in a long time.""You never ask for it.""I don't ask for it because you do it at work and I alwaysthink you'd be bored with it.""Not if it gets you hot. It does, doesn't it?""Always."Delora tossed her a happy smile. She was easy to please,Delora was. Easy to please and with an outrageously lovely body.Beth felt herself getting aroused as she thought of them in bedtogether. She felt relieved, because ever since that episode withthat woman in the Adirondacks she hadn't been able to getinterested in anyone else. Maybe a night with Delora would helpher forget Marlo. Delora could be delicious. She was always abottom with Beth, and whenever Beth wanted a woman like that itwas always Delora she called first. Would it work for her now?After dinner they went to Beth's apartment. Beth was alreadymellow from the wine she'd had at the restaurant. Delora talkedabout how much she hated her boss, what a pig he was, how heexploited the dancers who worked for him. "But I don't let himget to me," Delora said. "He keeps on hinting he wants to fuckme, but I won't let him get near me."The idea of Delora's Preteen Nymphet Models boss making love to Delora repelledBeth. She wondered if Delora was truthful when she said she neverslept with men. Beth wondered.But Delora Preteen Nymphet Models did excite her. There was no doubt about that."Are you ready for me?" Delora teased. "I told you I'm goingto strip for you.""Yes, you did.""A private show just for you, babe."Delora chose music for the stereo while Beth's eagernessincreased.As the rock music filled the room, Delora faced Beth andsaid: "I'm not good Preteen Nymphet Models for much, but I do know how to strip.""You're wonderful," Beth said. She sat down on the sofa towait for the show. She was definitely in the mood for it now, inthe mood for anything that might lift her spirits.Delora teased as she danced. She had a captive audience andshe obviously loved what she was doing. Beth expected a spicystrip. She was eager for a long luxurious look at Delora's body.Delora continued moving with all her clothes on, teasingBeth, the passion evident in her face, especially her eyes.Beth thought about all that sexual energy Delora had. Themusic aroused Beth; the heavy sexual beat turned her on.Delora looked only at Beth as she danced. Now she slowlyunbuttoned her skirt. She bent forward, the low neckline of herloose silk blouse revealing more of her generous breasts. Thenshe turned her back to Beth, her hands sliding the skirt downpast her hips. Her full buttocks were uncovered, then her thighs.She wore a thin purple garter belt to hold up her stockings. Thestrap of a g-string vanished in the deep split between herbuttocks. She danced with her feet in place, working her calvesand thighs and ass as Beth watched her with her blood racing.The skirt dropped to the floor, and as Delora bent forward,Beth could see the g-string thong tight between her labia.Delora's full ass made Beth's heart pound with desire.Delora casually Preteen Nymphet Models stepped out of the skirt and kicked it away.She turned to face Beth, and now Beth's eyes were on thetiny triangle of the g-string that barely covered the plumpmound. Then Beth raised her eyes to Delora's luscious breastssnugly encased in a sheer bra.Her body swaying to the music, Delora unclasped the Preteen Nymphet Models bra infront, her hands moving slowly, her eyes teasing Beth as sheabruptly pulled the bra open to reveal her breasts in all theirglory.The nipples were pink, large areolas with pointed erecttips, the globes of the breasts showing a ripe fullness, a slightdroop because of their weight. Unlike many of the dancers in thetopless clubs and bars of Manhattan, Delora had never had herbreasts amplified with silicone. Beth thought they were perfect,and as she gazed at them, her mouth watered. She wanted thosebreasts in her mouth. She was hot now, hot and eager foreverything.Delora caressed her breasts as she danced. She moved herlegs into a wide stance as she pinched her nipples with herfingertips. Then she moved closer to Beth, smiled down at her,and gracefully turned to show her ass again.Shaking her hips, Delora unsnapped the g-string.Her back still turned, she bent forward until Beth could seethe shaved lips of her pussy.Enchanted by the invitation, Beth reached out to findDelora's wetness with her fingers.Delora groaned as she felt Beth's two fingers penetrate hercunt."Fuck me, baby. Please fuck me."Beth stroked Delora's hip with her left hand as she slowlypumped her fingers in and out of Delora's sex. After awhile sheextended one of her free fingers to rub Delora's clit each timeshe filled her cunt. The expert fingerwork soon pushed Delorainto a shuddering climax.Later, in bed, Delora insisted she wanted to make Beth come.Beth tried to dissuade her, but Delora was adamant.So Beth lay back Preteen Nymphet Models to be licked and sucked. Delora worked overher a long time, but without any success. Beth finally stoppedit."I can't, Del. Not tonight.""You don't like me anymore.""Del, please. . . "She coaxed Delora to sleep. And after that Beth lay in thedark thinking about Marlo until her eyes finally closed. I'm sucha fool, she thought; such a silly, silly fool. * * * Several hundred miles to the north, Marlo idly fingeredLucy's nipples as they watched an old movie on Marlo's TV. Preteen Nymphet Models I'llgo tomorrow, Marlo thought. Tomorrow she would pack the paintingsinto the van and drive down to the city to find that art gallerywoman. That lovely Beth.Lucy moaned as Marlo gently pinched one of her nipples."I love you, Marlo." PART THREE On a Tuesday afternoon, Marlo walked into the gallery whereBeth worked.Beth didn't see her at first. She was in the back checking ashipment of watercolors that had just arrived from one of theirartists in Europe. Then she glanced into the main room of thegallery and she gasped as she saw the tall woman and recognizedher immediately."That's her," Beth said to Rita.Rita gave her a puzzled look. "That's who?""That woman. That's Marlo, the woman in the Adirondacks, theone I told you about."Rita looked at Marlo, looked her over carefully as Marlostood in profile studying a painting on one of the walls. "Well,how about that?" Rita said. "She's not here by accident, love. Goon, get out there." * * * "But you can understand my surprise," Beth said.Marlo shrugged. "I come to New York two or three times ayear.""Still, I didn't expect you."They were riding up the elevator to Beth's apartment. Bethwas still shocked. Marlo had parked a rented van with a load ofher paintings right outside the gallery. Rita had been completelyamused. They'd helped Marlo herd her paintings into the gallery,and then Rita insisted Beth take the afternoon off. Too flusteredto think straight, Beth had merely nodded. She walked out withMarlo and they strolled on Fifth Avenue. Now they were riding upto Beth's apartment supposedly to choose a restaurant for theirevening Preteen Nymphet Models dinner. Beth felt her heart pound because she could sense(and hoped) more than the evening dinner was on the agenda. She'dbeen hungry for body contact with Marlo for hours, but Preteen Nymphet Models so farnothing had happened.This woman has me, Beth thought. She felt she belonged toMarlo totally.As soon as the door of the apartment was Preteen Nymphet Models closed, theelectric tension between them exploded and Marlo backed Bethagainst a wall and kissed her. Beth moaned against Marlo's mouthas Marlo's hands slid down her back to grip her buttocks throughher dress. As Marlo's body pressed Preteen Nymphet Models against hers, Beth suddenlyfelt the hard bulge pushing against her belly. No, it couldn'tbe! But yes it was true; she could feel it; Marlo apparently hada dildo under her jeans. Beth shuddered, wondering why shehadn't noticed it when Marlo had first stepped into theapartment. But of course she'd been looking at Marlo's face andnot down there.Her thoughts were confused as Marlo continued to kiss her,her mouth filled with Marlo's invading active tongue. The tallwoman's tongue pushed like a wriggling serpent between Beth'slips, sliding over her teeth and then between them to brush herpalate. Meanwhile, Marlo's hands continued to grasp Beth'sbuttocks, her fingers now tugging at the dress Preteen Nymphet Models to raise it,pulling it upward until the hem was at Beth's waist between herback and the wall, Marlo's strong hands now clutching Beth'sbuttocks through the nylon of her panties.Beth groaned. "Oh God, what you do to me!"Marlo chuckled against her ear, kissed her lips tenderly,then slowly released her and pulled back. "I'd like a drink."Beth pulled herself together and nodded. "Yes, of course.Scotch?""Vodka on the rocks, if you have it.""Yes, I do."Then Marlo noticed Beth's eyes on her crotch, and with asoft Preteen Nymphet Models smile she slid her hand over the bulge of the dildo. "Yes,that's for you. But later. There's plenty of time for it."Beth blushed, trembling as she felt the heat in her face.She had never been with a woman like Marlo before, never in asituation like this. Wearing a dildo! She felt a mixture ofastonishment and admiration at Marlo's courage."I'm not as experienced as you think," Beth blurted out.Marlo's hand stroked the outline of the dildo again. "Aboutthis?""Yes. I don't know if---""Don't worry, you will."As she stared at the bulge, Beth could not restrain the urgeto ask: "How Preteen Nymphet Models in heaven do you go around in public like that?"Marlo shrugged. "I do what I want." Then she smiled. "Youcan't notice it unless you look for it, and most people don'tlook, do they? Only the dykes.""Yes, Preteen Nymphet Models I suppose so. You're something."Marlo touched Beth's chin. "And you're beautiful." She tookBeth by the arm and led her away from the front door of theapartment and into the spacious living room. "I like it," Marlosaid, gesturing at the furniture. "I like the style."Beth was thrilled that her taste found favor with Marlo. Sheglanced again at the bulge in Marlo's trousers, and then quicklyturned and walked away to make their drinks.Yes, I want it, Beth thought; I want her to fuck me with hercock.She poured Scotch for herself, and Vodka for Marlo.They sat beside each other on the sofa, sipping their drinksas Beth talked about how difficult life could be in New York."But of course I love it." She felt awkward. She wanted to throwherself into Marlo's arms, but she was afraid. She knew so littleabout Marlo. She adored her, but she knew so little about her.Beth's heart beat more rapidly as she remembered that afternoonin Marlo's house and the way Marlo had taken her. Marlo was sounpredictable. First that rush just inside the door, and nownothing but a cool distance as Beth continued chattering."I'm talking too much," Beth said."No, I like it. I like looking at you when you Preteen Nymphet Models talk."Beth blushed. "Is it too warm in here?""It's not warm enough. Come over here. Put your drink downand come closer."Her pulse racing again, Beth placed her drink on the lowtable in Preteen Nymphet Models front of them and slid across the sofa cushion to getcloser to Marlo."That's better," Marlo said. She put Preteen Nymphet Models her drink beside Beth'son the table. She draped her left arm around Beth's shoulders,and then Preteen Nymphet Models she bent her head to kiss the right side of Beth'sthroat.Her head lifting as she felt the tingling kiss, Beth moaned.She slumped against the back of the sofa as Marlo continuedkissing her. Then she felt Marlo's fingers working at the buttonsof her blouse, unbuttoning her, spreading the blouse, fingertipstracing the curves in the sheer bra. Her eyes closed, Bethshuddered as she felt Marlo's fingers rubbing her nipples throughthe lace, rubbing the stiff points until they seemed to burn liketwo flames at the tips of her breasts.Instead of unhooking the bra, Marlo pulled at the light-weight nylon, hooked her hands inside to get both breasts outover the cups."Beautiful," Marlo said.Beth opened her eyes, blushing as she gazed down at herexposed breasts, at the nipples swollen and stiff with herexcitement."Oh Marlo...""Yes?""Please kiss me Preteen Nymphet Models again.""And?""Make love to me!"With a satisfied throaty murmur, Marlo dropped her head totake a burning hard nipple between her lips. * * * The picture Beth made had Marlo's belly rippling with lust.She stood beside Beth's bed while Beth knelt on a colorfulbedspread she'd brought back from a trip to Mexico. Beth was onlyhalf stripped: she still wore her blouse, but it was open andbunched forward to reveal nearly all of her back. Below the waistshe was bare, nothing but thigh-high nylons with elastic tops andthe beige high-heeled sandals that Marlo had insisted remain onher feet. Her head buried in her folded forearms on a pillow,Beth knelt near the edge of the bed with her knees apart andevery part of her revealed to Marlo's eyes."Marlo, I---""Don't talk," Marlo said softly. "This is no time fortalking. At least not you. You're beautiful, love. You'reexquisite."Beth shuddered and remained silent. She was happy it wasMarlo looking at her, so happy she could hardly encompass it.Marlo had her dildo out. She was still totally dressed, butshe had the front of her jeans open and the black cock exposedand dangling. She fondled it with her hand. For a long time she'dused a pink one. Then a black lover had begged for a black dildoand Marlo had ordered this ebony marvel from San Francisco. Thecock was perfect: not too long, pliant enough to take any angle,and thick enough to make a woman groan.She wanted Beth groaning. She reached out and gently strokedBeth's lovely buttocks. Beth visibly trembled as Marlo's fingerspassed into the valley to graze her anus. Marlo remembered whatshe had done to Beth in Milson Corners, how she had taken Beththere with her thumb. Sooner or later she would have more than athumb in there, but not tonight. She ran her fingertips over thepouting labia, tickling touches before slowly spreading the lipsapart to more completely reveal her target."Beautiful," Marlo said, her voice husky as she gazed at thepink treasure cove, the vaginal opening already coated with amilky gloss.Beth murmured into the pillow.Her eyes hot, Marlo continued looking. She fondled the cockagain, now bringing the tip to the opening. They both groaned asshe pushed forward to fill Beth's passage. * * * Rita agreed to put up several of Marlo's paintings in thegallery, and their quick sale impressed everyone. Beth wasdelighted when Rita said they'd have to think about a one-womanshow for Marlo in the fall, and she hurried to tell Marlo thenews."It's as good as a commitment from Rita," Beth said. "You'llbe a great success."Beth had arranged for Marlo to occupy the small loft studioof a painter on vacation in Europe. They sat near the open windowto escape the heat, their eyes on the street and the passingpedestrians."They won't buy that many," Marlo shrugged."Why do you say that?""It's Preteen Nymphet Models a guess.""I think you'll do fine."Beth adored Marlo more than ever now that she had Marlo inNew York with her. They saw each other nearly every evening, adinner somewhere, maybe a movie afterward, then hours of makinglove. Beth was always aware of the envious eyes of other women.Marlo was so spectacular to look at, she never failed to draw theinterest of everyone Preteen Nymphet Models around her. Beth drifted in a haze ofhappiness from one romantic evening to another. Was Marlocourting her? If so, Beth thought the courtship heavenly. Shefelt a sense of eternity, as though nothing could ever changebetween them. The sex was incredibly gratifying, morepleasurable, more complete with Marlo than she'd ever experiencedwith anyone. Her only wish was to be able to go down on Marlomore often. It happened, but not often enough to suit Beth. Marlowas always reserved, doing everything to give Beth orgasm afterorgasm, but then usually finding some reason not to yield herbody in turn. Sometimes the refusal was outright, sometimes nomore than a gentle obstinacy. Beth gradually understood Marloheld back with everyone, not only with her. She resolved thatsomehow she would overcome this part of Marlo's personality.They explored the art world in Manhattan together, museums,exhibits, the midtown galleries and the galleries in SoHo. Oneafternoon they rested on a bench in Central Park and talked abouthow much longer Marlo would stay in New York."You know I don't like the city," Marlo said.Beth pouted. "I thought I made a difference.""You do, honey.""Really?""The past two weeks have been good for me.""And for me too.""I thought I'd be too much for you."Beth shook her head. "Well, you're not.""Are you sure?""I'm certain."Their eyes met, both of them aware Beth was admitting sheenjoyed being submissive, enjoyed it thoroughly, even ifsometimes she pretended not to.Marlo was pleased. She extended her hand and gently rubbedBeth's neck. "Okay, maybe I'll stay in New York awhile." * * * Beth wanted Marlo to live with her, but Marlo insisted shewas too independent and she declined. Beth did her best to hintat the advantages of a shared life, hoping Marlo would change hermind. One evening Beth cooked dinner for them, white wine andswordfish filets covered with almonds. She had candlelight on thedinner table, and when Marlo arrived, she greeted her in a blackchiffon gown.Marlo was obviously pleased. "You look lovely," she said.Beth smiled. "Thank you. You just sit and let me take careof the dinner."Marlo sat down. She thought how superb Beth was. Such aperfect symmetrical face, that lower lip full and suggestive. Shewondered what Beth wore under the chiffon gown. As Beth movedabout the room, Marlo caught glimpses of Beth's ankles covered bysheer black hose.As though in a silent agreement, they deliberately avoidedtouching each other all through dinner. The sexual tension becameas tight as a bow string, until finally, when Beth brought coffeeto the table, Marlo slid a hand up Beth's leg outside her gown."I love it when you dress like this," Marlo said.Beth remained motionless as Preteen Nymphet Models Marlo caressed her legs andthighs. "Anything for you, my love."Through the chiffon, Marlo felt the garter straps at thetops of Beth's stockings. She moved her hand upward along theback of Beth's thigh until she reached the curve of Beth's ass."Does this belong to me?""You know it does.""You could plant it on my lap."Beth laughed and pulled away. "No, let's have our coffeefirst."They had the coffee, and then after that they had brandy inthe living room at the low Chinese table. As Beth bent forward,her gown billowed open to reveal the slopes of her breasts. WhenBeth sat back again, Marlo Preteen Nymphet Models adjusted the loose front of Beth'sgown so that Beth's nipples were exposed."It's better this way," Marlo said.Beth blushed as she looked down at herself. "We ought toclose the blinds.""No, let them see. Let them have a look at a beautifulwoman.""Why don't you move in here with me? There's more thanenough room.""I told you why. I don't like living with anyone."Unwilling to spoil the romantic mood, Beth decided not topursue the issue. She licked a fingertip and anointed one of hernipples, toyed with it until it stiffened.Marlo chuckled and sat back to watch. "That's better. Nowshow some leg to the leering audience."Beth crossed her legs and pulled back the edge of her gownuntil the tops of her stockings were exposed. "You have a legfetish.""Yes, of course. Legs and everything else. Wet your nipplesagain. Both of them."Beth licked the fingers of both hands and then used herfingertips to moisten and tease her nipples."Slip out of the gown.""Not with the blinds open."Marlo laughed, rising up and walking to the wide window togaze at the lights of the city. "Come here."Beth went to her, moving into Marlo's arms to accept a hotkiss, a wet and ravenous kiss that took her breath away."Marlo, I love you."Marlo freed Preteen Nymphet Models Beth's breasts, exposed them completely and thenbent to lick and suck at the nipples. Beth said something aboutthe window again, and then finally she moaned and yielded.Marlo now had a hand under the chiffon gown, her handsliding upward between Beth's nylon-covered knees. She strokedBeth's mound through her lace panties. Then Marlo' fingersslipped inside, her fingertips finding the wet groove.Vanquished, Beth opened her legs to Marlo's hand."You're wet," Marlo said."Wet for you.""This is one sopping cunt.""Oh Marlo..."Marlo's fingers pushed inside the slippery channel. Twofingers. Then three fingers. Beth groaned.Marlo breathed against Beth's ear. "Like it?""Yes!"Four fingers now, the Preteen Nymphet Models fingers inside and hooked upward withthe heel of Marlo's palm smashing against Beth's clit. "Open yourlegs more."Beth was almost squatting, drunk with excitement as shewondered if anyone out there could see them.Marlo's hand worked the cunt, her fingers thrusting,churning in the wet."Come on, honey.""Fuck me, Marlo!""Come on, come on, do it on my hand."Marlo watched Beth's face as the orgasm rippled throughBeth's body. She kept her fingers moving, more gently now, a slowstroking as Beth came down to earth again and slumped againstMarlo's shoulder.Her palm soaked, Marlo stepped away and closed the blinds."They can stop eating their hearts out."Beth felt unsteady on her high-heeled sandals. "I think Ineed some more wine.""Not too much, and get out of the gown."Without a word, Beth slipped out of the chiffon gown. Shewas naked now, wearing only a black garter belt, wispy blackpanties, sheer black hose and black evening sandals with Preteen Nymphet Models highthin heels. She'd bought the lingerie only the day before."Mmm, I like it," Marlo said.Beth smiled and did a turn, displaying her breasts and legsand ass to her lover. She felt more secure now that the blindswere closed. Aware of Marlo's eyes on her body, she walked to thesideboard to pour some more wine. When she returned to the centerof the living room, Marlo told her to bend over the back of aneasy chair."I'll do nasty things to you," Marlo said.Beth quivered Preteen Nymphet Models as she wondered what Marlo intended. Sheglanced quickly at the revealed shape of Marlo's dildo. Shealways looked for it now, and she'd noticed it as soon as Marlohad entered the apartment this evening.At the easy chair, Beth bent over the back of it, exposingher cunt and ass to Marlo's eyes."Perfection," Marlo said."I feel so open this way.""Tell me what I can see.""My pussy.""What else?""My ass.""And it turns you on, doesn't it?""Yes."Marlo came behind her to stroke her buttocks. Then she bentand kissed them, licking into the groove, pulling the cheeksapart with her hands to get her tongue into the wet Preteen Nymphet Models conch ofBeth's cunt. She sucked at the welling juices, loving the smellof Beth, exciting herself as she pressed her nose against Beth'sanus. Her fingers found Beth's clit, and she rubbed the swollenspike as her tongue foraged everywhere.Her head down, her feet almost off the floor, Beth startedshuddering as she felt Marlo's thick tongue working in her wetcunt.It's all I want, Beth thought. There was no meaning toanything except this. * * * The only reason Rita paid any attention to the two girls wasthat she was annoyed with Jul. More than annoyed -- angry. Forsome weeks now, Rita had suspected Jul might be cheating on her.Today Jul was out of town at Preteen Nymphet Models a convention and Rita felt the angeras she wondered what Jul might be doing in Atlanta this evening.She'd find a dyke to fuck, no doubt. Rita was convinced of it.She'd had an inkling for a long time and she always paidattention to her inklings. So looking at the two girls who hadwalked into the gallery -- looking at them no more than they werelooking at her, looking at them and playing the eyes game -- gaveRita a sense of vengeance. Yes, why not? These two college girls,if that's what they were, were certainly cruising her, and shetold herself Jul would deserve it if something developed.One of the girls was tall and thin, with long reddish hairand freckles and pointed little tits vibrating under a silkblouse. The other girl was shorter, more sedate, chunky in thehips, strong legs and the look of a soccer player. The way theireyes kept returning to Rita, there was no doubt in Rita's mindthey were interested. My sex appeal, Rita thought with amusement.The more she looked at them, the more the idea appealed to her.The girls made the first move. After a while they ambledover to Rita to ask questions about some of the paintings,chatter about how interesting the gallery was, how interestingall the galleries were, how interesting it must be to have Rita'sjob. They were suitably impressed when they learned Rita Preteen Nymphet Models ownedthe place. Oh wow. Then the redhead, the tall thin girl, cameright out and asked: "Are you gay?"The other girl rolled her eyes and looked ready to slam herfriend. "I told you not to...""Oh Mickey..."The redhead was Shelly and the short one was Mickey. Rita,being old enough to have played the game a Preteen Nymphet Models zillion times, hadthem wait around until she closed the gallery. Then she took themhome to see her Leonor Fini watercolors.Try not, get not, Rita thought. Jul always said that. Thehell with Jul, she'd have a ball with these two.In Rita's townhouse, the girls marveled at the luxury andwanted cold beer. Rita refused to offer them any dope. Theybecame silly anyway. Mickey said it was Shelly's idea to come onto Rita, Shelly's guess that Rita was a dyke. Shelly wasn't theshy one; Mickey was. Rita was afraid to ask how much experiencethey had or whether they slept with men. Rita considered theproblem of catching something and decided she'd be careful. Shewas too used to her monogamous relationship with Jul. Except thatJul wasn't likely monogamous and if that were true she had todepend on Jul being careful. It's horrible, Rita thought. All shewanted was to keep her body and soul happy, and look what she hadto go through to get it.The two girls sat on the sofa facing Rita, while Rita sat ina low Italian blimp-chair close enough to extend her leg andtouch Shelly's foot. She maintained the contact while she toldthem about Leonor Fini. It was Mickey who finally got up and cameover Preteen Nymphet Models to kneel beside Rita and kiss her. Rita was pleased; thingswould be less awkward than she expected. As they kissed, Ritareached out her hand to Shelly and Shelly came to her. Shellycaressed Rita's breasts through her dress while Rita continuedkissing Mickey. Mickey groaned and the girls switched. Now Shellykissed Rita while Mickey straddled on of Rita's legs to rub hercunt against Rita's knee.I love it, Rita thought. She could feel Mickey's handsgetting her blouse open. Then Mickey had one of Rita's breastsexposed and she was bending forward to suck the nipple whileShelly sucked Rita's tongue. Rita felt her body humming, thetension cranking up and up. A long time had passed since she'dhad two women working her, and she'd almost forgotten howwonderful it was.Before long all three of them were sprawled on the rug.Shelly somehow got herself naked without Rita even realizing itwas happening. One moment Shelly was dressed and the next momenther lovely little tits were bouncing around like ripe avocados.Mickey pulled at Rita's clothes to get her undressed, and thenShelly helped Mickey and Rita was both amused and excited by thefervor of the two girls. They wanted her body. She adoredShelly's sweet little tits, the pink nipples of a true redhead.When Rita was naked, every stitch of clothing tossed away on therug, both girls jumped her. Mickey sucked Rita's breasts whileShelly slowly ate and licked Rita's cunt with an artful tongue.Rita's hands were all over Preteen Nymphet Models both girls. She found their cuntsdrenched. She pinched their clits and stirred the wet with herfingers. She asked them to drip on her face one after the otherand they loved doing it. First Mickey, who was more sedate, moretentative, and then Shelly, who knew what she wanted and groundher clit down on Rita's nose and flooded her mouth.Rita gave up trying to understand them. Maybe they justwanted experience. A mature woman to roll on a rug with them.Rita remembered what it was like at their age. When they wentdown on her, the girls were a bit clumsy and too excited. Theyacted as though her cunt was a newly discovered diamond mine.They showed no interest in each Preteen Nymphet Models other, only in Rita.Rita finally stopped it. She gently pushed them away andtold them the bed was more comfortable than the floor. "It's bigenough for three," she said, her fingers stroking her nipples tokeep them stiff. "Maybe you can fuck me. Would Preteen Nymphet Models you like that?"She could see the idea excited them. In her bedroom, shebrought out an old strap-on that she kept in a drawer. Shecouldn't bring herself to let them use of Jul's dildoes. Thatwould be too much.Mickey used it first. When Mickey strapped on the cock, Ritabecame excited at the way she looked. She opened her legs toMickey, raised her knees and started rocking as soon as Mickeygot inside her. "Oh baby, give it to me!" Rita cried. She losttrack of the orgasms. Then it was Shelly's turn, but Shellywanted to use her hand instead. She fucked Rita with her fingersand managed to get her fist inside. Rita loved it. She seemed tocome forever. She watched Mickey masturbate while Shelly kept herfist working in her cunt.The hell Preteen Nymphet Models with Jul, Rita thought. Whoever Jul was with, thehell with her too. * * * Beth and Marlo went biking in Central Park one Sunday, whiteteeshirts and shorts and white sneakers, Beth leading Marlo downone bike path after another, until at the end of two hours thesweat dripped off their bodies. They returned to Beth's apartmentto shower separately, and afterward, as Beth stood in the kitchenpreparing a snack for them, Marlo came up behind her and kissedher neck.Marlo was dressed again in a clean shirt and shorts, butBeth was still wearing a blue cotton robe. Beth quivered as Marlopressed against her back.Marlo said: "I had a nice view all afternoon.""What do you mean?""Your butt in those tight shorts."Beth blushed. She felt Marlo's hand between their bodies,Marlo's fingers stroking her buttocks.Beth said: "Do you want mustard on this?""I want jelly on your ass."Beth was amused. "I think that would be a bit sticky.""Blueberry jam, if you have it.""You're not serious.""Raspberry is good too, but I'd rather have blueberry.""I think we're getting into uncharted Preteen Nymphet Models territory.""Do you have any mules with heels? If you put them on andget out of this robe, I think that would be perfect."The food no longer seemed important, and Beth's heart wasthumping when she came out of the bedroom wearing nothing but apair of high-heeled mules.Marlo was immediately aroused by the sight of Beth naked andwearing heels, excited by the curves of her legs and ass.And Beth loved the way Marlo looked at her, the heat inMarlo's eyes."I'll put the food in the refrigerator," Beth said.Marlo nodded. "Bring some jelly."Beth blushed and turned to the kitchen, and Marlo's eyesfollowed the full cheeks, the long thighs, the pointed heels ofthe mules.When Beth returned, she carried a small jar of raspberryjam. "This is all I have."Marlo took the jar. "You can bend over that armchair.""I wasn't lying when I said this is Preteen Nymphet Models uncharted territory."Marlo reached out to stroke one of Beth's full breasts. "Onthe chair, doll."Her heart pounding, Beth walked to the chair. She felt soutterly submissive with Marlo, not an ounce of anything but theneed to please her.She supported herself at the edge of the chair with her feeton the floor and her arms extended to reach the back. It wasawkward, but she could manage it. Then Marlo came behind her, andBeth felt Marlo's hands spreading her legs, caressing her calves,gently scratching her thighs. The muscles of Beth's legs werepulled tight by the high heels.Then Marlo straightened again and opened the jar of jam.Beth trembled as she felt Marlo's fingers dabbing jam on herbuttocks.Marlo painted her. Dollops of jam all over her ass. And inthe crack. Smearing it slowly over her anus. Marlo looked downand watched her fingertip paint the opening. She pushed herforefinger inside the tight ring of Beth's anus, then replaced itwith her thumb. She put the Preteen Nymphet Models jar down and slid the other handaround front to stroke Beth's cunt.Unsteady on the heels, Beth groaned.Marlo stopped and bent behind her, squatting on the rug, herface close to Beth's ass.Beth shivered with excitement as she pictured what was aboutto happen. She wondered what her ass looked like with all the redjam on it.Then Marlo started licking the jam off Beth's buttocks,licking and sucking at the sticky skin, Beth groaning as she feltMarlo's mouth."Tasty," Marlo said. "It's good jam."Beth thought it was all too crazy -- but definitelymarvelous.When Beth's buttocks were cleaned of jam, Marlo spread themto open the crack. Beth's cunt appeared open and wet, a deep pinkflower below the tight little ring of her jam-coated anus.Beth trembled as she felt Marlo's warm breath in the crackof her ass.Marlo moved in, gently kissing the closed little hole,licking at the jam. A jolt of lust rushed through her body as shefelt the knot of the anus with her tongue. She felt the ringcontract and squeeze on itself. She spread the buttocks furtherapart, gripping the sticky cheeks. Her lips against the opening,her teeth nibbled and bit at Beth's anus.Beth groaned again, arching her back, her body trembling."Relax," Marlo said.Beth did her best, her head hanging as she waited forMarlo's next move.Marlo's tongue worked again, her mouth pressed against theopening, her tongue pushing at the ring of muscle.Beth moaned, her dangling breasts swaying from side to sideas she bent forward.Marlo licked away all the jam, bathing Beth's anus, nowwedging her tongue inside, deeper and deeper, her tongue like awriggling serpent in Beth's ass, her tongue swirling in thesticky opening.Beth moaned as she felt it, her eyes closed, her body tenseas she focussed all her attention on what was happening to her.Marlo finally withdrew her tongue and rose. "Don't move,"she said.Beth waited, bent forward, her legs apart, a stream of juicenow dribbling out of her cunt along the inside of her left thigh.My running hole, she thought. But it was the other hole that nowhad center stage. No one had ever worked her ass like this. Shefelt like such a novice with Marlo.When Marlo returned, Beth glanced over her shoulder and sawMarlo naked below the waist and wearing her strap-on cock.Beth said nothing. She'd expected it. She was both afraidand eager for it. She'd had Marlo's fingers in her bottom, butnever the cock. She prayed she could take it. She wanted it.Marlo's tongue had opened her ass wide and now she craved to haveit filled.Marlo wasted no time. She moved in behind Beth to steady herwith her hands, placed the tip of the dildo at the opening, andthen slowly worked it into the ring of muscle.Beth's body tensed, then gradually relaxed under Marlo'scoaxing."Nothing to be afraid of, honey. You're doing fine."Beth's anus grabbed at the sliding cock. Marlo moved withsmall wiggle-like motions of her hips as she took her."Beautiful, Preteen Nymphet Models doll."All the way in and then slowly out again.Then Marlo securely grasped Beth's hips as she increased thelengths of the strokes. She bent over Beth's back to grasp one ofher hanging breasts."Do you love me?"Beth groaned. "Oh yes! Oh yes, darling, I love you!"Marlo's free hand found Beth's clit and rubbed it as shecontinued moving the cock.Beth came, her cunt exploding, her legs shaking as Marlokissed and bit at her neck. * * * "It looks like she has you hooked," Rita said.Beth shrugged. "I don't know.""You don't seem happy.""She won't stay.""Are you sure?""I keep asking her to move in with me, but she won't do it.She has such an awful little place in the East Village.""Maybe she doesn't want to crowd you.""No, it's not that.""She likes being alone.""I'm sure she won't stay in New York, and I can't bear theidea of her leaving me.""Poor baby.""Yes, that's what I am. I'm a poor baby.""You could go live with her upstate. If it doesn't work out,you can always have your job back."Beth was gratified at Rita's offer, but she shook her head."No, I couldn't live up there. Not ever."Meanwhile Marlo controlled their relationship completely.She saw Marlo when Marlo was in the mood; she went where Marlowanted to go; she dressed the way Marlo wanted her to dress.One day Marlo called Beth at the gallery and said she'd pickher up in a taxi in an hour. Beth had to beg Rita for theafternoon off. She waited at the gallery for Marlo, but to Beth'sembarrassment, Marlo showed up an hour late. Rather thanapologize, Marlo hurried Beth into a taxi."We'll have dinner in the Village," Marlo said."I really thought you weren't coming.""Sorry, baby, I was delayed."Beth was afraid to ask for details, afraid Marlo would beannoyed with her.They had dinner in an Italian restaurant on 10th Street, andbefore long Beth forgot how hurt she'd been by Marlo's latearrival at the gallery. When she looked at Marlo, all she couldthink of was how much she adored her. She loved Marlo's almostsinister looks. She looked hard and strong. Masterful, Beththought. She quivered as she remembered Marlo making love to her.They did a good deal of anal sex now, more than Beth had everdone with any other lover. Marlo obviously favored taking herthat way, and Beth had grown to enjoy it as much as anything elsebecause Marlo liked it so much. Beth's greatest need was to haveMarlo show an intense passion during their fucking, and whenMarlo had her cock in Beth's ass her passion was indeed intense.I belong to her, Beth thought; I truly belong to her.After they left the restaurant, they walked awhile inWashington Square Park. When evening finally came, Marlosuggested they go to a bar. "I know a place in the East Village."She took Beth to a dyke leather bar, a place crowded eventhough it was still early, crowded with tough looking women ofall shapes and sizes and reeking with a smell of female sweat andstale beer.Beth felt out of place, much too uptownish, nervously awareof the way some of the leather-clad butches leered at her.The music was loud and the lighting weird. Marlo found abooth and they ordered drinks, but even as they sat in the boothBeth felt the eyes on her.It seemed many of the women knew Marlo, and at intervals onebrawny woman or another would stop by to chat with Marlo, lookingBeth over with a glance that said Beth belonged to Marlo, Bethwas Marlo's property, Marlo's woman.Marlo seemed amused at the interest Beth generated, andafter a while, when a woman was at the table talking to Marlo andeyeing Beth at the same time, Marlo told Beth to dance with thewoman. "Go on," Marlo said. "I'm too tired. Get up there anddance with her."It was definitely an order, an order punctuated by a starefrom Marlo that said she wanted Beth to obey her.Beth rose, and the burly woman led her out to the dancefloor."You're a dish," the woman said. "What's your name, honey?I'm Georgie."They danced facing each other, their bodies weaving to thebeat of the music, Georgie smiling as her eyes roved over Beth'sbreasts and hips."Nice tits, baby."Beth blushed under the woman's gaze. Georgie put her handson Beth's waist as they danced, but she never did more than thatand Beth was thankful for it.After a while another woman broke in, said it was okay withMarlo, and started dancing with Beth. This one was younger, a bitpunky, with hair dyed purple on one side. She said her name wasCoco, and during a break in the music she asked if Beth wanted togo downstairs with her."What's downstairs?""It's a recreation room," Coco said. "There's usuallysomebody fucking and we could watch them."At that moment Marlo appeared, and Beth was relieved asMarlo took her away. They danced a slow number, Marlo grippingBeth's waist with her hands, sometimes pulling her close enoughto graze the front of her shirt across Beth's breasts. The heavysexual atmosphere in the place had made Beth hot and she wonderedif Marlo could sense it.When they finished dancing, Beth left Marlo and went to thewashroom. There was only one woman inside and it was Coco. Thepurple-haired girl laughed and immediately pulled Beth into astall and locked the door."You're a fucking doll," Coco said. She kissed Beth, herhands all over Beth's ass, and then one hand sliding around frontto rub Beth's cunt through her dress. "Need to piss, baby? Comeon, I'll help you."Beth was paralyzed with astonishment as Coco got her skirtup and her panties down. Coco forced her to sit on the toilet,squatting to get her hand on Beth's cunt. "Come on, baby, piss onmy hand."More astonished than ever, unable to hold back, Beth let goand shuddered as she felt the stream gush out of her and into thegirl's waiting hand.Coco loved it. She moaned and kissed Beth as the pissflowed. She pushed her fingers inside Beth's cunt and workedBeth's clit with her thumb until Beth came on her hand.Afterward, when they were out of the stall and at the sinks,Beth blushed as Coco sniffed her fingers and smiled at her.In Preteen Nymphet Models a daze, Beth quickly repaired her makeup and left thewashroom.When she was in the booth beside Marlo again, Marlo slid ahand under Beth's skirt and petted her through her panties."Want another drink?""Yes, why not?" She felt guilty about what had happened inthe washroom, guilty that she hadn't prevented it. As if to makeup for it, she opened her legs to encourage Marlo's hand.Marlo said nothing, but her fingers immediately became morefirm against Beth's sex. Then Preteen Nymphet Models after a while Marlo said, "You'redripping, lover. Go on, get one off."Beth came as Marlo pinched and rubbed her clit through herpanties.Marlo seemed pleased and told her to touch herself. "Feelthe wet," Marlo said.Beth hesitated, and then she slipped her own hand under herskirt to touch the wet crotch of her panties. She remembered thegirl in the washroom, remembered how she'd pissed in the girl'shand. But she was more turned on by Marlo.She panicked when Marlo told her to masturbate."Marlo, please... not here."But Marlo insisted. "Especially here. It's what I want."Beth did it. She closed her eyes and rubbed her cunt asMarlo watched her. Her panties were soaked, her fingers slimywith her juices. She felt helpless, completely in Marlo'scontrol. And excited by it. When the orgasm finally arrived, shehad to clench her teeth to prevent herself from crying out.After that Marlo was bored with the music and the crowd andshe said they could go to her place. "You can meet a friend ofmine. Maybe you can whip up something to eat for us."Beth wondered who the friend Preteen Nymphet Models was, but she was too excited atthe idea of going to Marlo's place to give it any thought. Marlohad never invited her before, she'd been there only once whenMarlo had moved in, and Beth hoped it meant something. Marlo wassuch a private person, so closed about herself, never reallytelling Beth anything, always seeming to be in a state of hightension. Maybe at home Marlo would be more relaxed.When they arrived at Marlo's small studio near Astor Place,Beth saw a blonde girl sitting on the sofa."This is Lucy," Marlo said. "She just came down from upstateyesterday and she's staying with me awhile." PART FOUR With a lazy yawn, Lucy sat up on the sofa. She was dressedin a tank top, an extremely short skirt, and black high-heeledpumps. She looked at Beth without emotion, as if she knew allabout Beth and had expected her to arrive with Marlo. Beth, onthe other hand, felt an intense jealousy as she realized she andthis blonde girl were in competition for Marlo's attention."Are you from Milson Corners?" Beth asked."Sure," Lucy said.Beth remembered the blonde girl she'd seen leaving Marlo'shouse Preteen Nymphet Models that first day.Marlo told Lucy to get her a beer. "Make sure it's cold,"Marlo said. Her tone was matter-of-fact, as if ordering Lucy todo things was not unusual. And Lucy's response was the same:without a word, she rose and left them to walk into the kitchen."She's a sweet girl," Marlo said to Beth, not looking atBeth, but walking to a table to glance through the day's mail."Is she an artist?"Marlo chuckled. "No, she's just a girl. She's looking for ajob in New York."When Lucy returned with Marlo's beer, Marlo fondled thegirl's ass and Beth was shocked to see that Lucy was naked underthe short skirt.Marlo stroked the girl's buttocks as she sipped her beer,and then she put the beer down and she took Lucy in her arms andpalmed the cheeks of her ass. Lucy's back was toward Beth, andBeth hated the girl as she watched Marlo's strong hands clutchthe girl's bare flesh. Lucy tottered on her high heels as Marlokissed her and worked her tongue in her mouth. The girl appearedto shudder with pleasure at being in Marlo's arms."Maybe I'd better go," Beth said.Marlo broke the kiss and looked at her with steady eyes."Just sit down, okay?"Beth sat down on the sofa. She felt a great conflict, notknowing whether she ought to leave. No, she did not want toleave. If she left now she'd be surrendering, accepting defeat.She told herself she had no exclusive claim to Marlo. Not yet,anyhow. She watched Marlo and Lucy. Marlo was now hunching herpelvis at Lucy's belly, pushing her cock against Lucy's body.Beth remembered how Marlo's kisses always ravished her. Now itwas Lucy who was being ravished. Beth's heart pounded as theblonde girl opened Marlo's pants and tugged the cock free.Marlo turned to look at Beth. Preteen Nymphet Models "Pay attention, honey. You canlearn a few things from Lucy."The blonde girl worked Marlo's cock with her hands. Bethlooked at them transfixed. She felt more insecure than ever, herjealousy of Lucy burning in her vitals. But she was aroused bywhat was happening, definitely excited by it, captivated by theintensity of Marlo's lovemaking as she kissed Lucy again. Theinsides of Lucy's thighs glistened with her juices and Beth wasturned on by it.Marlo told Lucy to get her top off, and the girl obedientlystripped to the waist.Beth was immediately shocked by Preteen Nymphet Models the girl's pierced nipples.When Marlo saw Beth's reaction, she beckoned to Beth withher hand. "Come over here."Filled with uncertainty, Beth walked to where they werestanding, came close enough to have her shoulder clutched byMarlo's hand---and then she gasped as Marlo pushed her down toher knees.Leaning against Marlo, Lucy watched it and said nothing."Teach her how to suck," Marlo said to Lucy. "Show her howto do it."Lucy snickered. "Yeah."Beth felt her heart pounding at her humiliation. She gazedwith fascination at Lucy's ringed pink nipples and jutting youngtits.With an amused smirk, Lucy squatted beside Beth and said:"I'll show you how."Lucy fondled the cock, her hand running up and down itslength. Then she leaned forward to lick the tip, kissing it,getting it wet. Marlo made a sound of approval and moved herhips. Now Lucy opened her mouth to take the knob. Her lipsrounded as she took more and more of the shaft between them.Beth trembled with excitement as she watched it.Then Lucy pulled back and told Beth to take the cock in hermouth. "Go on, it's your turn."Marlo swayed her hips as Beth leaned forward to take theknob of the cock in her mouth."That's it," Marlo said. "Suck it, doll."Beth took more and more of the shaft. Her lips spread aroundthe thickness of the latex organ."Relax your throat," Lucy said. She coaxed Beth. "Marlolikes it all the way, so just relax your throat and take it."Almost all of the cock Preteen Nymphet Models vanished into Beth's mouth. She Preteen Nymphet Models feltthe tip pushing at the back of her throat. Her face was filledwith Marlo's cock, her mind numbed by it. She gagged; sherecovered; she went on with it.Lucy rose to lean against Marlo and be kissed. Marlo pinchedthe girl's nipples and fondled her ass as Beth continued to suckthe dildo.Beth was enthralled by it now, swept away with pleasure asshe moved her rounded lips back and forth on the long instrument.Marlo's cock. The tool that Marlo used to pleasure her women.Marlo fondled Beth's head, thrusting with her pelvis,fucking Beth's mouth. The tall woman now had her fingers inLucy's cunt, working the girl as she pistoned her cock in and outof Beth's willing mouth.Marlo started coming. The event was cataclysmic for all ofthem. She groaned and shook and shuddered, and Beth had to backoff a bit in order to avoid being hurt by the slamming cock.But Beth kept the cock in her mouth, sucking it, lovingevery inch of it because it belonged to Marlo.After that Marlo took the two women to bed with her. She hadLucy and Beth straddle her facing each other, Lucy taking Marlo'scock in her cunt while Beth settled her sex down on Marlo'smouth.When Lucy leaned forward to kiss Beth mouth, Beth acceptedit, and finally she put her hands on Lucy's breasts, holdingthem, feeling the ringed nipples against her palms.Beth knew that nothing would ever be the same for her again.Marlo had changed everything. * * * Inevitably, Rita confronted Jul about Jul's affairs withother women. Jul seemed unsurprised, cool, quiet, so cool thatRita became infuriated and wanted to scream. They talked forhours and agreed to split. Jul would leave as soon as she found aplace to live. Rita was happy it was over, then depressed as oncemore she realized her relationships never lasted.After Jul moved out, Preteen Nymphet Models Rita had days and nights alone, nothingbut the gallery, her Preteen Nymphet Models maid, the walls of the house to remind hershe was part of the world. She envied Beth her passion for Marlo.Rita understood what it was; she understood the power Marlo had,the force that mesmerized Beth. Rita was certain she herselfcould never fall in love with a woman like that. But still sheenvied the passion Beth felt. A passion such as that wiped out agreat deal of misery. But not with someone like Marlo, Ritathought; Marlo was too much. Rita adored strong women, but not ifthey were too dominant. She needed her own voice in her life; sheneeded her own territory.She started visiting the girl bars again, the old places,the new places that had come into existence since the beginningof her affair with Jul. All that time without visiting a girlbar. She felt awkward in them. She hated them.One evening, in a dyke hangout on Third Avenue, Rita noticeda blonde alone in a booth. Their eyes met, an electric meeting,the long cruising stare that always gave Rita the shivers. Shesat at the bar Preteen Nymphet Models and played the game, flirting with the blonde,imagining them together, imagining herself with the woman,imagining what the woman was like, her attitudes. Imaginingthings between long glances across the room. Rita told herselfthe blonde was the sort of woman who could make her forget Jul.But then who knew? You never could tell what you met in a bar.Hot in a bar and a stupid bore in a bedroom. The blonde lookedsleek, strong, sure of herself. After a while the blonde rose,but not to approach Rita, merely to get a napkin from the bar.What a sleek looking butch, Rita thought. Maybe thirty, narrowhips, no breasts, long legs in tight jeans. Swaggering. Butch butnot too butch. Just my type, Rita thought. Another ten minutesand Rita grabbed her purse and left the end of the bar to walk tothe blonde.The blonde looked her over.Rita felt the alcohol in her brain as she slipped into thebooth."You're alone," Rita said. She touched the blonde's arm.The blonde nodded. "Yes." She sipped her martini. Cool asice."You're beautiful," Rita said.A smile. "Thank you.""I hope you're gay."A quiet laugh. "I was thinking the same about you. But thenlook where we are."They talked. The blonde's name was Gayle and she was anattorney."I don't know anything about art," Gayle said.Turned on by Gayle's hands, Rita stared at them. Stronghands, the nails without polish and clipped short. The hands of alanky body. Hands that could do things. Rita felt a clutchingresponse to the idea of Gayle's hands between her legs."I can make better martinis at home," Rita said.Gayle nodded, her eyes unflinching. "I think I'd like that."They walked out slowly, Rita Preteen Nymphet Models feeling the eyes of everyone onthem, even Preteen Nymphet Models if no one appeared to be looking at them.In the taxi they managed to steal a short kiss while thedriver seemed distracted."You taste sweet," Gayle whispered. "Are you sweeteverywhere?""I hope so."Gayle's hand stroked Rita's knee.When they finally arrived at Rita's address, Gayle wasimpressed by the townhouse. "It's lovely."The maid was off and the house was all theirs. Rita said:"Do you really want another drink?"Gayle smiled and kissed her as they stood in front of thefloor-to-ceiling mirror in the large living-room. Then Gayleslipped behind Rita and kissed her neck as they faced the mirrortogether. "I like mirrors," Gayle said.She started undressing Rita, undoing the buttons of herblouse as they watched themselves in the mirror. Rita moaned asGayle kissed her neck again. Gayle unbuttoned her blousecompletely, and then unhooked her bra to get Rita's breastsexposed to the mirror.Rita felt a great excitement. Gayle was much better thanJul, more adept, more aggressive.She was thrilled at the sight of her breasts in the mirror,at the way Gayle's hands caressed them, at the movements ofGayle's fingers as they explored her thick nipples. Gayle liftedRita's breasts, held them in her hands as her fingertips pinchedthe nipples.Rita moaned.Gayle continued undressing her. Skirt down. Shoes off.Pantyhose down. Kneeling behind her, Gayle gently bit onebuttock. Rita stared at her own image in the mirror, Preteen Nymphet Models hernakedness, her flushed face. Now Gayle slid around in front ofRita, still kneeling, kissing Rita's thighs as Rita looked atthem both in the mirror over Gayle's head. She moved her thighsapart, an invitation to the hungry butch attorney now staring ather cunt like a wolf about to devour a meal.Gayle dived in.Her mouth pressed against Rita's wet garden, her facepartially covered by Rita's bush.Rita adored it.She arched her pelvis forward, humping against Gayle's face,thrilled at the way Gayle worked her.Good riddance to Jul. * * * The gallery was crowded, maybe a hundred buzzing people,milling, weaving, cocktail glasses tinkling. This was Marlo'sone-woman show, her coming out in the New York art world.Chattering dilettantes wandered from one wall to another, peeringat the paintings, nodding, tossing Preteen Nymphet Models an asinine comment and thenmoving on. But more than enough bought what they liked, onepainting after another marked sold. Sold. Sold. A great successfor Preteen Nymphet Models Marlo.But she never lost her cool. She wore a western shirt,leather vest, jeans and boots. More than one woman drooled overthe tall stunning butch artist. Beth made an effort not to bejealous, but she wasn't too successful. She hated it. All thesewomen ogling Marlo made her feel so vulnerable.Afterward they had a celebration party Preteen Nymphet Models at Rita's townhouse,a hundred people again in Rita's rooms. The New York glitterati.Many of them had been at the gallery show, but others were peoplewho managed to get invited to every party Rita had in her house.Did they like Rita? Did they like the house? They certainlydidn't know anything about art.Beth drank too much champagne and she felt herself up in acloud, floating. Here, in Rita's house, a new batch of womenflirted with Marlo. Beth watched them and felt miserable. Howmuch of a Preteen Nymphet Models claim did she really have on Marlo?She finally managed to corner Marlo at the bar."I love you," Beth whispered.Marlo smiled and looked down at Beth's breasts. "I like thedress.""Aren't you happy?""Happy?""I mean about the show. Everything seemed to go, no matterwhat the price."Marlo shrugged. "I suppose now I'll be able to fix the roofon the house.""You're not thinking of leaving New York now, are you?""At some time, yes.""You have more reason than ever to stay."Marlo smiled again. "If I had any reason, it would be you.What's upstairs? Can we find a place to be alone?"Beth knew what that look meant and she blushed. "Marlo, nothere.""Yes, here. I thought you said you were my woman.""I am, but--""Come on now, we won't be missed at all."Yielding to Marlo's persistence, Beth led the way upstairs.She wondered what Marlo had in mind. Marlo's unpredictabilityalways thrilled her. What a perfect lover she was!They found an empty bedroom, and inside it Marlo went to theadjoining bathroom to Preteen Nymphet Models wash her face. "I'm bushed," she said. "Ihate crowds." Then she called Beth, told her to come into thebathroom."You ought to be down at the party," Beth said, her voiceuncertain, her heart pounding."I told you I don't like crowds."Beth moved into Marlo's arms and Marlo kissed her, the kisswet, hot, demanding. Marlo's hands slid down Beth's back to lifther dress in the rear, lift it to get her palms on Beth'sbuttocks.Beth made a half-hearted protest. Of course it was no use.She was thrilled anyway, aroused by Marlo's hands, aroused byMarlo's cologne. Thrilled at the way Marlo's strong handsclutched and squeezed her ass. She was always such a pushoverwhen she had a woman's hands on her ass.Beth leaned back and said: "I don't like it when other womenflirt with you."Marlo looked amused. "You shouldn't let that bother you.""I don't like it.""Honey, you know I'm not into anything exclusive.""Why, Marlo? Why can't you--""I told you it doesn't work for me."Then she lifted Beth's dress in front to look at Beth'sunderpinnings, the sleek stockings, the long garter straps, thelilac lace garter belt."Mmm."Beth blushed. She had dressed this way especially for Marlo.The approval in Marlo's eyes made her feel wonderful. "Oh Marlo.""My lovely Beth. My lovely lovely Beth.""I love you."Marlo's fingertips lightly stroked Beth's cunt through herpanties. Beth closed her eyes, shuddering with delight as Marlogently rubbed the swollen lips. Beth imagined she could smell herown arousal. She arched her pelvis forward.Marlo spoke in a throaty voice. "You're hot, baby.""For you, Marlo.""Show me."Beth's hands trembled as she pulled the crotch of her flimsypanties aside and opened her cunt with her fingers.Marlo gazed down at it, at the pink groove wet andglistening. "I love your cunt."Beth groaned and gave her more, opening her legs, stretchingher lips even further apart.Marlo touched the hood of Beth's clitoris with herforefinger, just a light grazing, then a firmer stroke along theshaft, until finally she tugged the foreskin back to expose thepink jewel of the head.Beth moaned. She could see it. With her neck bent, she gazeddown at herself and watched Marlo's finger as it played with herclitoris.A cry of pleasure escaped Beth's lips as she felt the otherfingers slide easily into her wet opening.All the way inside. She squirmed on Marlo's hand.Marlo said: "Have you ever been fisted?"Beth's heart pounded. "No. You know how inexperienced I am.""Maybe someday we'll try it."But at the moment Marlo wanted something else. Her fingersmoved inside Beth, stroking in and out, fucking her at the sametime as her thumb and forefinger manipulated Beth's swollenclitoris. Beth came hard, almost buckling on her high heels, herhead supported by Marlo's shoulder as she rocked her pelvisthrough the intense orgasm."Oh God.""Get on the bed," Marlo said. "And off with the panties."Beth no longer cared about the party downstairs, aboutwhether or not they'd be missed. She walked to the bed, liftedher dress and quickly removed her panties. Marlo helped hersettle herself on her back on the edge of the bed, and then Marlowent down on her knees on the floor to take Beth's legs on hershoulders.She traveled around Beth's cunt, opening it, looking at it,teasing Beth about how wet she was. "Such a stiff little clit,"Marlo said. "Such a horny little girl." She pushed three fingersinside, then pulled them out and slipped one finger into Beth'sass and the other two fingers back in her cunt. Then she leanedforward to lick and suck Beth's dripping little pussy until shehad Beth bouncing on the bed in a climax.At that moment the door opened and someone gasped insurprise.It was Rita, standing there staring at them, Beth turningher head to stare back at her in shock.Rita giggled. "Really, I'm sorry." She spun around and left,the door closing behind her.Beth groaned. "Oh hell.""Forget it," Marlo said. "It serves her right for notknocking.""It's her house.""And we're using one of the bedrooms. Come on, give me somemore.""Marlo, please...""No, Preteen Nymphet Models give me some more."Marlo's fingers worked again, worked in both openings as shewatched Beth's face. When Beth came, Marlo leaned over Beth andkissed Beth's mouth and told her how much she loved her. * * * Lucy wandered into a swank boutique in the Village. It was ahot, damp day, everyone sweating, but the boutique was cool andclean and smelled faintly of roses.At a rack of clothes, Lucy idly pushed the hangers along thebar. Over in a corner, two women stood talking, one tall andthin, the other short and chunky. They looked at Lucy as theytalked, and after a while the chunky woman ambled over."Hi. Can I help you with anything? I did this rack myself.I'm the designer.""The designer?"The woman chuckled, her shoulders moving, her big breastsvibrating under an ample silk blouse. "Well, someone has todesign the clothes, don't they? That's what I do. Are you amodel? You've certainly got the body for it. Sure, you're amodel, aren't you?"Lucy smiled. "No, I'm not.""I think you're pretending.""I mean it, I'm not.""My name's Val."She was a husky butch with short hair and muscles and aseductive voice that would seem intimate if she were reading thetelephone book."I'm Lucy.""Hi, Lucy."Lucy looked